Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore was an English actor who was best known for his iconic voice of Marvin The Paranoid Android in the British sci-fi comedy, “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”.

Stephen Moore was an English actor who was best known for his iconic voice of Marvin The Paranoid Android in the British sci-fi comedy, “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”. Moore died at the age of 81 on October 4, 2019, leaving all of his great deeds alive. Moore also had starred in “Doctor Who” and “The Harry Enfield Show”.

What was Stephen Moore Famous for?

  • Famous as the star of “Doctor Who” and “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”.
  • Known for his comic, slightly gauche and tender stage personality.

When and Where was Stephen Moore Born?

Stephen Moore was born on December 11, 1937, in Brixton, United Kingdom. His birth name was Stephen Vincent Moore. His nationality was British. Moore belonged to White ethnicity while Sagittarius was his zodiac sign.


What was Stephen Moore Contribution?

  • Stephen Moore had provided quite a number of contributions through his series, the television shows, the records, and the audiobooks.
  • Moore was the voice of probably every show of the time as he picked off other roles when something different was needed.
  • Moore had his regular appearances on BBC Radio, “4’s Poetry Please” and in other “The Idiot” and “Dr. Faustus”.
  • Moore was first noted by his own name in Jean Anouilh’s “Dinner With the Family” in 1962.
  • Moore appeared in John Osborne’s film, “West of Suez at the Royal Court” alongside Ralph Richardson and Jill Bennett in 1971.
  • Moore did his stand-out performances in Tom Stoppard’s 1975 adaptation of “Three Men in a Boat”.
  • Moore then appeared as a morose leftwing teacher in the series of Rock Follies and in the film, “Underrated Treats” in 1976.
  • Moore was featured in the blockbuster movie, “A Bridge Too Far” in 1977 alongside Dirk Bogarde and Michael Caine.
  • Moore got his very first breakthrough career start with Marvin The Paranoid Android in the British sci-fi comedy, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in 1978.
  • Moore did extremely great performances including “The White Bus”(1967), “Clockwise”(1986) and “The Boat That Rocked”(2009).
  • Later, he appeared in “Harry Enfield and Chums”(1997) and “An Enemy of the People”(1998).
  • In 2007, Moore starred as an exasperated Roote in the film, “The Hothouse” and as inspirational teacher Hector in “The History Boys”.
  • Moore had great abilities one of which was to create a performance of subtlety and expand into a large arena.
  • Moore even had won an “Olivier Best Actor Award” for his performance as Torvald in Adrian Noble’s “Staging of A Doll’s House”.
  • Moore got his breakthrough role as Eldane in “Doctor Who” in 2010.

What was the Cause of Stephen Moore’s Death?

The iconic character “Marvin The Paranoid Android”, Stephen Moore died at the age of 81 after providing huge contributions to the entertainment for more than five-decades on October 4, 2019. Many of his co-actors and friends posted pictures of him to tribute him including Dirk Maggs.

Who was Stephen Moore Married? How Many Children Does Stephen Moore Have?

Stephen Moore was married four times throughout his entire life. Moore had altogether five children from his marriage. Moore was first married to Barbara Mognaz with whom he had three children together, Robyn, Guy, and Hedda. After then Moore married his second wife, Celestine Randall with whom he had a daughter, Charlotte.

With his fourth wife, Noelyn George he had a daughter, Sophie. George recently died in 2010. Moore was survived by his children.

How Did Stephen Moore Look Like?

The 81 years old actor, Stephen Moore was quite a very good looking handsome guy. Moore had a fair complexion with a charming smile, brown hair and green eyes.

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