Stevie J, music executive demands a spousal support from his ex-wife, Faith Evans in the divorce filing!

Usually, in a divorce, it is the wife who demands and gets spousal support from the estranged husband. But in the case of Stevie J, it is just the opposite. Reports state that Stevie has put in the legal papers his demand to get spousal support from his ex-wife, Faith Evans.

The new demands of Stevie J in his divorce

The music executive, Stevie J, and his wife, Faith Evans separated on 19 October 2021. The couple filed for divorce. In his court documents, Stevie has urged the court to provide him with monthly maintenance from his wife. He also had added that the court should see to it that Faith does not ask for any money from him as alimony or spousal support.

Stevie J
Stevie J (Source: Distractify)

Stevie has ticked the box that asks about spousal or domestic partner support payable. Additionally, Stevie has also put a tick on the box that prohibits the court’s ability to grant support to Faith. It is not clear whether the couple had made any prenuptial agreement and whether these clauses were mentioned in it.

The music star has also told the court that he does not know how much his property assets are worth. He will inform them of it once it is certain. Stevie has also told the court to tell Faith to pay for his attorney fees.

The domestic violence in the family

The marital relationship of the couple has been bitter. There were episodes of domestic violence and police had to intervene. Last year, someone had called the police to report a physical fight between Stevie and Faith. The police found that Stevie had injury marks on his body and they arrested Faith. However, later she was released because Stevie refused to press charges against her.

Stevie J
Faith and Stevie (Source: Yahoo)

And the fights of the couple did not stop even after the divorce filing. A video leaked that showed Stevie shouting at Faith and hurling hateful abuses at her. The video is of their bedroom. Stevie is heard saying:

“That’s what you liked to do? All I did was love you, and you do that to me?”

The reason for this altercation is not known.

The relationship of the couple

The couple, Stevie and Faith began dating and walked down the aisle together on 17 Jul 2018. But their relationship was not smooth. They had frequent fights and due to irreconcilable differences, they split. The couple filed for divorce in LA Court on 19 October 2021.

Stevie J
Stevie and Faith (Source: Urbanislandz)

They continue to have heated arguments even after the divorce papers were put in. But surprisingly, days after the divorce filing, the couple shared a post on their social media. The two were hanging out together in Malibu. Stevie was doing the cartwheels and Faith shot a video of it. Later, the singer Faith was wearing a black bikini and dancing for her ex-husband. Is the two bonding back again? Will they retract the divorce papers? Time will tell.

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