Stevie J is in more trouble! His lawyer, Kimia Klein files a motion to terminate her contract with him! What is the reason for such a move?

Stevie J recently divorced his wife, Faith Evans. But there is more trouble ahead for the music producer. His lawyer, Kimia Klein has now filed a motion that she does not want Stevie J as her client anymore. She wants to terminate this professional relationship.

Stevie J and his trouble with his lawyer, Kimia Klein

Stevie J and his wife Faith Evans are divorcing legally. Stevie has now run into more trouble. This time his attorney who represented him in the divorce case, Kimia Klein wants to end her professional relationship with him. She noted that there has been an irremediable breakdown between them and she can no more continue as his lawyer.

Kimia Klein
Kimia Klein (Source: Fox Rothschild LLP)

Kimia is from the Fox Rothschild LLP law firm. She had some issues with Stevie that prompted her to file a motion to terminate her relationship with the music producer. Radar Online reported on the last say of 2021 that Kimia said:

“There has been an irremediable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship such that a genuine conflict has arisen between Fox and Steven. Despite several attempts by my office to informally resolve the issues with Steven, we have been unsuccessful in resolving the issues.”

More on what Kimia revealed

Kimia went on to say that she would not be revealing all that took place between her and her client, Stevie. But what happened was so low and bad that the other lawyers of the firm have also refused to handle Stevie’s case. Kimia has further written:

“I feel compelled to articulate that the relationship has broken down sufficiently so that my colleagues and I cannot continue to represent Steven, and that conflicts have risen,”

Stevie J
Stevie J and Faith (Source: Pinterest)

Singer Faith has been silent on the divorce as well as this new happening as regards the divorce. Stevie had filed for divorce from Faith in November 2021.

Reaction of the fans

Though Faith has opted to be quiet on this issue, her fans have not remained silent. They have poured their reactions onto the social media pages. As regards Kimia not wanting to continue as Stevie’s lawyer, one social media user wrote:

“Even the lawyers divorcing him.”

Another follower jokingly added:

“So then we have determined that Stevie J is the drama.”

Stevie J
Stevie J and Faith (Source: Pinterest)

Some on the social media feel that Stevie is in deep financial crisis and unable to pay the lawyer. This might have led to the relationship getting strained. The reason for this speculation is that some weeks back, Stevie had put in a petition seeking spousal support from his ex-wife. Faith has filed against this request. The reason might be more than just financial since Kimia’s reaction does not seem to point merely to a financial issue. One will have to wait until more details surface on this front.

Short bio on Stevie J

Stevie J is an American DJ and a successful record producer. He is also a TV personality and has appeared in many shows. More bio…