What are stranger shoots? A new trend of blind dating in the Fox Valley

Have you heard of Stranger shoots. Well, it is a new form of blind dating that is catching up in the Fix Valley. Started by Tori Heidemann, owner of Wild North Photography, it found good response and Tori is going in for the second round of applications now.

Stranger shoots: the new trend of dating

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People are trying to invent new methods if dating. They want to give the process a twist and add spice to it especially amidst the boring corona pandemic period. Hence, Wild North Photography owner, Tori Heidemann decided on a new way of dating. He calls it Stranger Shoots.

Stranger Shoots
Stranger Shoots (Source: Pinterest)

It is a blind date with fun and a twist and is becoming a trend in the Fox Valley. People are enjoying it and there was a good response to the first round of applications. There were so many applicants that Tori had to close the call at 100. Tori says:

I was very nervous to even post about this and launch it on social media, because I didn’t think it I’d get the reactions that I did – I got over a hundred responses in three days and decided to close the applications,”

The method of this special dating process

Tori explains:

“Essentially, it’s a fun couples’ shoot, only the couple meets for the first time today, blindfolded during the photoshoot,”

The applicants are matched based on how they answer certain questions posed to them. Elaborating on the procedure, Tori said:

“They’re things like, do you drink? Do you smoke? Would you date someone that does either of those? Do you have kids? Do you have pets? What are your interests? Just general things like that. We try to match people based on compatibility with their answers, as well as physically and their age.”

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Stranger Shoots
Stranger Shoots (Source: Spectrum News)

The two matched applicants are stranger to each other. They are blindfolded and scurried along to meet each other. First they stand back to back. The male applicant is nervously holding the stem of the rose he brought for his prospective blind date. And the female applicant waits in anticipation for it. Both are curious with anxiety to know who is on the other side. You may love or you may hate the blind date. Scott Sutarik of Appleton was one of the applicant who was matched with Emma. And they liked each other. Scott says:

“Best-case scenario? You know, I find an actual relationship and we get married. Worst-case scenario? That we hate each other!”

More on the unique photoshoot

A first date is anyway hard. And to add on it is s blind date with camera crew and news crew along side. Scott says:

“You’ll see a lot of kind of that awkwardness and, you know, different things that you don’t really get to experience, let alone see after the fact; after you go on a date. Now, you have the videos and the photos to kinda sit and laugh about it.”

Stranger Shoots
Stranger Shoots (Source: Insider)

The first time, the application was free and Tori’s shop took care of the date and photoshoot. But for the second round, application costs $10 but the photo, video, and date still is free. The ad is already on Facebook and reads:

“?That’s right, I am opening up Stranger Session applications for JANUARY! Applications will close JANUARY 2ND!

The Ultimate Blind Date Experience! (With a photographer!)?

Calling all singles 18+! Stranger sessions are essentially fun couple sessions, except the couple meets for the first time the day of the shoot! If you’re feeling adventurous and ready to step outside your comfort zone, this application is for you! Please be as honest as possible when answering questions so that I can pair you with someone accordingly!

-There is a $10 application fee, beyond that the photoshoot and date are FREE!

-Singles should live within 3 hours of the Appleton, Wisconsin area
-Singles should NOT be camera shy :-)
-And Singles agree that this shoot may involve PDA
-Singles agree that these photos will be published on social media
-Singles should want to have fun and be able to laugh at themselves!

https://www.paypal.com/instantcommer…/checkout/5EXVYFQBP55VY < – Please submit payments here to be considered!

https://forms.gle/ohTdh3drUe4AgZH26 < – Please submit this application to be considered!”