Sunisa Lee, Olympic gold medalist reveals how she got racist trolls after she went public on her relationship with her African boyfriend, Jaylin Smith

Sunisa Lee is an Olympian gold medallist.She is dating USC football star Jaylin Smith and went Instagram official on it on 26 December 2021. But instead of congratulations for the couple, Sunisa was attacked with racist remarks. She revealed this in response to a video posted on TikTok.

Sunisa Lee and her dating announcement

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Gymnast Sunisa Lee is from St. Paul, Minnesota. She is Hmong-American and of Laotian descent. She is the first Hmong-American to be in the Olympics and also win a gold in it.

Sunisa Lee
Sunisa Lee with bf Jaylin (Source: Instagram)

She is dating USC football star Jaylin Smith who has an African descent. It is not clear on how and when they met and started dating. But the couple went public on their relationship in December 2021. She posted intimate pics of herself with Jaylin on her Instagram on 26 December 2021. The couple looked cute and happy together.

But instead of being happy for her and her boyfriend, her followers were unhappy that she chose a black man as her boyfriend. They began posting racist trolls and comments. Sunisa revealed that most of these hateful comments were from the Asian community. She talked about it in response to a video that was uploaded on TikTok to commemorate the love of the couple.

TikTok video of love of the couple

TikToker @alixphom, on 31 December 2021, uploaded a video on her TikTok and put up the following caption on it:

“I know that Sunisa will be judged by certain eyes in the Hmong Community because her man is Black. LOVE is LOVE, no matter what race or gender you are. Keep doing you QUEEN.” 

Sunisa Lee
Sunisa Lee’s response to the TikTok video celebrating her love with Jaylin (Source: TikTok)

In response, Sunisa revealed:

“this makes me so happy. I’ve received so much hate they support me when it’s beneficial for them never when it comes to my happiness. thank you!” 

Her fans poured her support after this revelation. One user wrote:

“the hate isn’t warranted,”

Another user commented,

“I don’t understand why people can’t let others love who they want and be happy for them.”

Another person wrote:

“The Hmong Community should respect others choices in life.”

Who is Jaylin Smith?

Jaylin Smith is a young football star. Presently, he represents 11-time national champions USC Trojans. He started playing for them since 2020.

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Sunisa Lee
Jaylin and Sunisa Lee (Source: Pinterest)

Jaylin was studying at Bishop Alemany High School situated in Mission Hills, Los Angeles. It is here that he got game as a junior cornerback, wide receiver, and running back. He is highly talented and skilful. He also was part of ‘Coach Snoop’, a documentary on Netflix about Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Youth Football League. His fame further rose after it. It brought him to the national level limelight. It talked about how he overcame his mother’s death and helped his team earn the trophy. His mother had died in a hit-and-run accident. Jaylin had told CBS Sports:

“Being exposed to that good stuff helped me out tremendously,”

Many good universities wanted to have him on their team due to his excellent performance in football. But he ultimately chose USC.