Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider Williams is an American artist and graphic designer. She is the third wife and widow of actor and comedian Robin Williams. A native of California, Schneider has always been a gifted artist. She first attended the University of California, pursuing a degree in graphic design but later transferred to the California College of Arts, from where she got her Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduating, Schneider worked as a freelance graphic designer in and around her home county before setting up her own design firm, Critical Eye Design, in 1997. During this period, she also started experimenting with other forms of art but did not have her first exhibition until 2006. She met Williams sometime in 2008 and married him three years later, in 2011. After Williams’ death in 2014, Schneider was involved in a bitter legal battle over his estate with his three children. The dispute was eventually settled out of court in 2015.