How Did Taya Kyle Meet Her Late Husband Chris Kyle? Chris Kyle Death and Taya Kyle’s Life and Career After his Death

Although some people collapse under pressure, other people are brave enough to face the challenges. Taya Kyle, Late Navy Seal’s widow, Chris Kyle, was one of those brave women! Taya’s husband was a national hero and was regarded as American history’s deadliest sniper. He lost his life later, but he could not be overcome by his passing.

She became both an author of military veterans and their families and an activist on topics that concerned them. She opened a fund in her husband’s name to provide military members and first responders with impactful and life-changing programs. Much like a phoenix, Taya Kyle is now an inspiration to others from the ashes of her heart-breaking tragedy.

Taya and Chris Kyle Love Story

The native of Oregon, Taya Renae was first in 2001 at a bar in San Diego with her future husband, Chris Kyle. They liked each other and started a relationship.

The couple who had been hit by love did not waste time marrying and settled in 2002 the following year. However, marital life was easy for them. Chris joined the military back in 1999 and became a Navy elite seal member in 2001. He served a total of ten years in the military where he was repeatedly expelled to war zones.

Taya’s husband was on four tours across Iraq and has gained a reputation as one of American history’s deadliest snipers.

He had accrued around 160 killings and was fatal enough to be called the “Devil” by Iraqi insurgents They put on his head a bounty, but he couldn’t capture it. He survived a number of crashes, six IED attacks, and two shot attacks. He also survived. All of these earned Chris an endless military hierarchy of awards like Silver Star (2), Bronze Star (5), and Navy and Marine Corps medals (2).

Taya Kyle even took part in her own fight on the Homefront, while her husband was busy protecting her motherland. Two children, a son named Colton and a daughter named McKenna, were accepted by Chris in their marriage and she was left to play the role of mummy and daddy.

Her concern for Chris’s safety was added to this. She would ask if he is involved and her mind would rest until she had confirmatory details to the contrary if any reports were given of military casualties in Iraq.

Kyle’s Taya

In 2009 Taya Kyles’s husband Chris left the Navy and she was glad to have the whole family together and not concerned about his safety. The whole family will be able to remain together all the time. In the meantime, her husband was busy forming a private military training company.

He has also funded various charitable initiatives, in particular for people with disabilities. Chris also wrote a 2012 book titled American Sniper about his life story. He outlined his service and became the bestseller in the nation.

So all was pretty sweet in paradise for the pair, but their happiness was diminished when Chris was shot dead on February 2, 2013. He had been aided by his murderer, a veteran of the Marine Corps named Eddie Routh.

After service in Iraq and Haiti (after the devastating 2010 earthquake), Routh suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and his mum asked Chris to support her troubled child. The former sniper agreed readily and would spend time with Routh several times. He and Routh went to the shooting range in Fort Worth, Texas, and a third person, Chad Littlefield. During their visit, Routh turned on them unexpectedly and shot them to death.

The funeral of the hero and his criminal trial following his murder

This tragic end shook the group and the whole people, but nobody was able to compare the pain his wife, Taya, endured. But she kept together and was given a touching memorial service at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium for her husband.

7000 people were drawn, including Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, and several military workers. The native of Oregon also cooled down and testified successfully at the trial of the murderer of her husband. Later, Routh was sentenced without the possibility of parole to life imprisonment.

Taya Kyle revealed after Chris’s death that it was very difficult to deal with. She also expressed some of her marriage’s regrets. The native of Oregon wishes her more love for her husband. She also wished she had found time to enjoy hobbies including fishing with her late husband. But the lady’s life goes on and has her kids to help deal with the pain.

Taya stays alone until now and refuses to return to the dating pool. This despite the fact that she was encouraged to find love again by her late husband if anything should happen to him.

According to Taya, the fact that she still loves her spouse and still feels married to him gives rise to her hesitation to start dating back. However, she revealed that it would happen if she’s supposed to love again. But she’ll always be all right with it if it’s not supposed to be. Her main focus is now on raising her children.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation’s Advocacy and Charity Works

In August 2015, Taya received her late husband the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor:

Her husband has died many years and Taya Kyle is busy. It is engaged in events to assist and keep the memory of her husband alive and supports military members and their families.

Based on the best-selling memoir of her marron, the Oregon-born served as a consultant for the 2014 movie American Sniper. Harrison Ford directed the film and Sienna Miller starred as Taya Kyle.

On the other side, Bradley Cooper represented Chris. The film was a business and a big hit and over $500 million was spent on a $58 million budget. Six Oscar nominations were also obtained, one of which was for best.

Taya Kyle’s own work entitled “American Wife: A Memoir of Love, Service, Faith, and Renewal” has also been composed. The book was published as a military wife in 2015 and details her works.

It also addressed how she was dealing with the death of her husband. Military author Jim DeFelice was the co-author. Taya also plays a part in Fox News. In August 2016, she joined the network and offers her unique family and military viewpoint to numerous shows provided by the world’s biggest news cable network.

Finally, as Executive Director of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, Taya is still really busy. In 2014, the foundation was built on the work of military life for families, as a result of her first-hand experience.

Relevant initiatives and strong alliances have therefore been aimed at improving the non-profit marriage of the military and first responders. Some of these services include the retreat of inspired partners (this encourages military couples to carry out archeries and gunshots) and retreats for revitalization.