The northern city of Luanzhou in China is making a database of singles in their area to facilitate matchmaking!

The northern city of Luanzhou is youth-friendly. The gender upset due to single-child policy of China led to many single men. Additionally, the covid pandemic has made dating and finding a partner difficult due to the imposed restrictions on social interactions. People are looking for love and dates online. But now the Communist Party officials are coming to the rescue of the singles in their city. They are preparing a complete database of the singles in their area. This would help the youth to get a good match for themselves.

The northern city of Luanzhou and its upcoming database

The Municipal corporation of the northern city of Luanzhou are busy in making a database of the singles in their area. They realized that due to the coronavirus pandemic, social interactions have drastically reduced. Singles are unable to connect and find a date for themselves. They thought that by preparing such a database, it would be easier for the single men and women in their city to find s good match and start dating.

The northern city of Luanzhou
The northern city of Luanzhou (Source: Wikipedia)

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This local government is creating an extensive state-run database of its bachelors and bachelorettes that reside locally. This might assist these singles to get the perfect match. The Communist party members of Luanzhou stated on 27 December 2021 that they are in the process of making this thorough list. The personal information f the singles in their locality is collected and added to a central database. They are also arranging and holding matchmaking parties for civil servants and those in state-owned enterprises. These include blind date sessions and group dating parties. Two such parties have been held this year. There will be a virtual dating party on New Year’s Eve on Douyin app which is the original Chinese version of TikTok.

More on the database of Luanzhou

The officials also stated that request for such a systematic database cane from the public itself. A statement issued on the Sina Weibo microblogging website read:

“We hope to bring single men and women together through activities,”

The northern city of Luanzhou
Singles of China (Source: BBC)

The current glaring issue of the Chinese society is the gender imbalance. There are significantly more men than women. This is due to the one-child policy of the government that ran for decades. It led to couples preferring male progeny and aborting female child like in India. There are presently 35 million more single men than women. The population of China’s singles will soon cross 90 million.

Reaction of internet users to this database creation

There was a mixed reaction to the news on database of singles in Luanzhou. One user wrote:

“If they think that youngsters are going to forgo partying in favor of a virtual matchmaking party, they are so wrong,”

The northern city of Luanzhou
Single-child policy of China has boomeranged (Source: Wikipedia)

A second commented:

“Big families were heavily penalized under the one-child policy and now the government is trying to undo the harmful repercussions of that toxic law. It’s going to take a lot more to convince modern China to go back to the old ways. People are just too content with their lives to drastically change.” 

Often government tries to play God and in the process upset Nature and normalcy!