Tina Knowles

An American businesswoman as well as a fashion designer who is the founder of her self-titled fashion brand as well as the co-founder of “House of Dereon” with her daughter, Beyonce is known for Tina Knowles. In the year 1990, she established the salon Headliners in Houston and gradually made it one of the most popular hair businesses in the city. She rose to fame as the costume designer for Destiny’s Child and she has also published a book “Destiny’s Style: Bootylicious Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Secrets From Destiny’s Child”. She later appeared with Beyonce on ‘The View’ to promote her clothing line called “Miss Tina by Tina Knowles” on 22nd November 2010. As of 2020, her net worth is estimated to have $25 Million. She has more than 2.5 million followers on her Instagram account.

Tina Knowles-Lawson discusses Instagram to show ‘Talks With Mama Tina’

Recently, she joins Hoda Kotb and Maria Shriver to talk about her new Instagram live show, “Talks With Mama Tina,” which will address voter suppression, race relations and other social issues affecting the Black community. Tina has partnered with haircare brand, “African Pride” as a paid spokesperson to highlight these social justice issues. This week on Culture Conversations, Tina Knowles-Lawson, mother to one of the most famous superstars in the world opens up about voter suppression and the HEROES Act.

Famous For

  • Being an American businesswoman and fashion designer.
  • Being the mother of singers Beyonce Knowles and Solange Knowles.
  • Being the founder of her self-titled fashion brand as well as the co-founder of House of Dereon with her daughter, Beyonce.


Who are the Parents and Siblings of Tina Knowles?

On 4th January 1954, Tina Knowles was born with the birth name/real name of Celestine Ann Beyonce. As of 2020, she celebrated her 66th birthday. Her birthplace/hometown is in Galveston, Texas, the USA. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is mixed as she is of Louisiana Creole of color (French, Native American, and African), ancestry. Her race is White. Her family roots are from Boutte, Louisiana. She is a descendant of Acadian leader Joseph Broussard. She was born to her parents; Lumis Albert Beyonce (father) and Agnes Dereon (mother). She is Capricorn by Zodiac sign. She is the last of seven siblings. She grew up along with her four brothers, Melvin Marsh Jr., Lumis Joseph, Ronald, and Larry, and two sisters, Selena and Florence. In her high school, she was a part of a singing group called the Veltones, inspired by The Supremes. 

How was the Career of Tina Knowles?

  • Beginning the career at the teenage by working as a makeup artist for Shiseido, she has achieved great fame at present. 
  • She then began working as a dance choreographer for UAB in Birmingham, Alabama before working as a beautician until 1990 when she opened the salon Headliners, located in Houston.
  • She came to limelight as a costume designer for Destiny’s Child where she created outfits that the members wore on-stage and to events.
  • Moreover, she is also an author who has published a book titled: Destiny’s Style: Bootylicious Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Secrets From Destiny’s Child in which she discussed how fashion affected Destiny’s Child’s success. The book was published through the company HarperCollins.
  • Moreover, she has also launched the clothing line “House of Dereon” alongside Beyonce, naming it after her mother Agnes Dereon.
  • She later appeared with Beyonce on The View to promote her clothing line called “Miss Tina by Tina Knowles” on 22nd November 2010. 
  • In the year 2010, she again collaborated with Beyonce to open the Beyonce Cosmetology Center at the Phoenix House in Brooklyn.


Who is Tina Knowles married to?

Tina Knowles is a married woman and has married twice. She was married to her husband; Mathew Knowles on 5th January 1980. Matthew Knowles, is a record executive, talent manager, and entrepreneur. Their oldest daughter, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, was born on 4th September 1981, in Houston, Texas. She gave birth to their second daughter, Solange Knowles, on June 24, 1986, in Houston, Texas. Filing for divorce in the year 2009, she dropped the matter in 2010, and again she refiled in August 2011, stating “discord or conflict of personalities” which prevented them from “reasonable expectation of reconciliation” as the reason. The divorce was finalized in November 2011. She has four grandchildren; Blue Ivy Carter (born January 7, 2012) and twins Rumi and Sir Carter (born June 13, 2017), and Daniel Julez J. Smith, Jr. (born October 18, 2004). She also started dating actor Richard Lawson in the summer of 2013. The couple got married on 12th April 2015. Through this marriage, she became stepmother to Lawson’s daughter, actress Bianca Lawson. She is the mother-in-law of Shawn Corey Carter (through Beyonce), better known as Jay-Z, and Alex Ferguson (through Solange). As of now, the duo is enjoying their marital life happily without any disturbances. Her sexual orientation is straight. 


What is the Net Worth of Tina Knowles as of 2020?

Тіnа Knоwlеѕ is a fashion designer and entrepreneur from America. She is the founder of her self-titled fashion brand as well as the co-founder of House of Dereon with her daughter, Beyonce. As of 2020, she hаѕ аn еѕtіmаtеd nеt wоrth оf $25 Міllіоn. Ѕhе hаѕ mаdе mоѕt оf hеr fоrtunе wіth hеr саrееr аѕ а buѕіnеѕѕwоmаn and as a fаѕhіоn dеѕіgnеr. Hеr dеѕіgnѕ еntісеd аttеntіоn, аnd оnсе Dеѕtіnу’ѕ Сhіld turnеd ѕtаrѕ, ѕhе ѕtаrtеd hеr реrѕоnаl сlоthіng lіnе nаmеd Ноuѕе оf Dеrеоn. Араrt frоm hеr сlоthіng lіnе, she also ехесutеѕ а ѕаlоn іn Ноuѕtоn, lосаtеd іn Техаѕ, nаmеd аѕ Неаdlіnеrѕ Наіr Ѕаlоn. Ѕhе is earning a cool money bу lаunсhіng а lіnе fоr thе Ноmе Ѕhорріng Nеtwоrk. Моrеоvеr, hеr dеѕіgnѕ gоt рrеѕеntеd іn mаnу аdvеrtіѕеmеntѕ, which boost her іnсоmе. She is living a luxurious lifestyle from her earnings. She is satisfied with her earnings as of today. 

How tall is Tina Knowles?

Beauty queen, Tina Knowles is a very charming lady with perfect body measurements. She stands at the tall height of 1.71 m or 5 ft 7 in. She has got a balanced weight of 70 Kg matching with her height. Her eye color is hazel and her hair color is dark brown. She wears a shoe size is 9 US. 

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