Tones and I, Australian singer is engaged to her boyfriend of two years, footballer Jimmy Bedford

Australian singer Tones and I marked the new year with an announcement of her engagement. Who is her fiance? She was secretly dating footballer Jimmy Bedford for the last two years. And now the couple has taken their relationship to the next level by this engagement.

Tones and I and footballer Jimmy Bedford: the engagement

The new year brought in a new source of happiness for the Australian singer cum songwriter Tones and I. Her secret boyfriend of two years, footballer Jimmy Bedford proposed to her and she said yes. Tones and I shared this happy news on her Instagram for her multitude of fans on New Year’s Eve.

Tones and I
Tones and I and Jimmy (Source: Instagram)

Singer Tones and I, 26 whose real name is Toni Elizabeth Watson uploaded on her post a photo of she and Jimmy kissing each other. She is also holding her hand up to display her gorgeous new engagement ring. In the caption of the post, Toni put up a ring emoji. And she tagged this post to Jimmy.

Toni and her current tour

The singer from Melbourne is not on any leave. She is on her tour around NSW and Victoria in Australia. She is singing to large groups of her fans. Jimmy is with her on this tour. Toni put up several photos of herself singing to a crowd in a park in Albury on her Instagram.

Tones and I
Tones and I busking to crowd in Albury (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Toni posted videos of herself, Jimmy, and a group of friends enjoying a campfire. They also made several videos on the road trip to the venue.

Jimmy is lovingly called Bedders. He is a former player and a brickie for the Victorian AFL team, the Frankston Bombers. But after leaving the team, he follows Toni on her tours in the capacity of a stage technician and, of course, as her partner.

The relationship timeline of the couple

Toni is a private person. In July 2021, she was on the show The Kyle and Jackie O show. In this, both had appeared and she admitted that she is dating Jimmy for the past one and a half years. She said:

‘I have actually been with my partner for a year and a half now. It’s going so well. He’s just the perfect person for me,’ she told hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on the show.

‘He was a brickie [bricklayer], and now he’s my stage tech. In the last year and a half, he’s gone to university, studied, got his Bachelors.

‘He comes on tour with me as my stage tech. He lives with us. And he plays footy for Frankston Bombers. He’s my best friend, he’s hilarious.’

Tones and I
Jimmy and Tones and I (Source: Pinterest)

Jimmy had made an appearance on the promotional video of her album that she posted on her Instagram. He had also posted her album on his Facebook page. He wrote along with:

Toni is an absolute musical genius and the greatest person I know!’

Toni has been putting their photos together on some of her Instagram posts. In one she had written below:

“I love you.”

On the same show, she had talked about sexuality and said:

‘Who you like is who you like, and I have never said I wouldn’t like this person because they’re a girl, and I wouldn’t like this person because they are a boy.

‘It’s who you have a connection with,’

Short bio on Tones and I

Tones and I whose real name is Toni Elizabeth Watson is an Australian indie-pop singer and songwriter. More bio…