Top 20 Viners who Turned into Sucessful Youtubers

Vine was a social media video platform, allowing users to share long videos with their followers for six seconds. While the service was shut off prematurely, numerous people were able, with ads and announcements by several top companies, to gain fame and fortune.

As a result of their time on the platform, some Viners even accumulated a massive fan base that won millions of followers to following them to other platforms. Below is a list of the world’s leading viners who also have a YouTubers success. Note that this list is ranked according to the number of followers they have collected on the video app.

The world 2021 20 top 20 viners.

20. Bach’s King

3 million dollars net worth
Vine followers: 11.3 million followers
Subscribers of YouTube: 2.43 million
Contain: Comedy Comedy
BachelorsPadTV Channels:
The world’s number one Canadian American star, Andrew Bachelor alias King Bach, with 11,3 million followers, was among the top 20 wineries before the app was completed. He concentrated his attention on creating content on Instagram, YouTube, and BachelorsPadTV, which he has always been in touch with more than 2 million subscribers. In addition to his online career, he has been shown in various movies and television shows including Soul Man, Black Jesus and Balck’s Fifty Shades.

19. Cerny Amanda

Net value: 8 million dollars
Vine follower: 4 million
YouTube Abonns: 2.8 million
Content: Tips for health & health
MissAmandaCerny channels:
Amanda Cerny is a gym, TV and founding member of the Play Foundation (PF). YouTuber was already popular in Vine from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA, before she started to upload it on YouTube. The focus was on health & wellness in her videos on the app. After the app was shut down, she kept posting on her YouTube channel, with more than 2 million subscribers.

18. Gooden Drew 18.

$1.3 million Net Value
Vine follower: 400,000
YouTube YouTube Abonns: 2.8 million (January 2021)
Content: Comment, Comedy. Comment.
Drew Gooden Channels:
The American filmmaks Drew Gooden and YouTuber first won fame because of his sketchy six-second Vine comedy sketches. He then moved his attention to YouTube, where he downloaded comment. He usually comments on bad life hacks, comedy Instagram, and some YouTubers by his fans. Gooden has also been working with other creators of YouTube, Danny Gonzalez and Kurtis Conner.

17. Power of Destorm

Net value: 2.5 to 3 million dollars
Vine follower: 5.1 million
Subscribers to YouTube: 3.3 million
Ingredients: Comedy, Rap.
DeStorm Channels:

Born on January 30, 1982, Destorm is a US actor, social media personality, and comedian in Baltimore (Maryland) whose creative content has been highlighted over the years, uploaded on his social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and of course Youtube, DeStorm.

To date the YouTube star has been able to receive much support by fellow YouTubers and celebrities in the entertainment industry through the channel. DeStorm began his career with Vine. It should be noted.

16. Sanders Thomas

3-5 million dollars net worth
Vine follower: 1 million
YouTube Abonns: 3.49 million.
Comedy, Music, Content.
Thomas Sanders and Friends Channels:

Thomas appeared as Foster-Dawg on Vine first but later was rebuilt as Thomas Sanders. With the funny parodium of Lilo & Stitch and Stewie of Family Guy, he swept his followers off their feet. Four years before starting posting on Vine, he opened his YouTube channel in 2009, but it was in Vine that he gained relevance before concentrating fully on YouTube. The YouTuber of Florida is the brain behind the 350,000-subscribers channel Thomas Sanders &Friends. He has also won the Favorite Vine Celebrity Contest and the Viner of the Year 2016 Streamy Awards. He’s also a theater star in music.

15. Sarkis Inanna

$500,000 net worth
Vine follower: 1 million
Subscribers to YouTube: 3.79 million ( January 2021)
Content/Genre: Style of Life
Canal: BABY24K Channels

Inanna Sarkis is a renowned social media personality, popular YouTuber and actress and was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She graduated from Ryerson University with a bachelor’s degree and had plans to study law. However, after her success with Vine, which she began posting comedy skits in secondary school, her career path changed. She joined YouTube in December 2006 and was one of the top successful media personalities who moved from the late-functioning Vine to YouTube video application, a few years later.

Her channel has recorded 435,803,693 views with approximately 66 video uploads to date. Instagram, where it has over eleven million followers, thrives as well. The Canadian creator of content also played a role in shorter films like Waiting For Him (2019) and the sequence After (2020) We Collided in addition to their YouTube success. She has also written and directed Aura, a short film based on awareness-raising in the USA on human trafficking.

14. Nash’s

2 million dollars net worth:
Vine follower: 2 million
Subscribers to YouTube: 3.8 million
Contain: Comedy Comedy
Channels: Jason Nash, Podcast, Jason Nash Family.

Jason Nash had a strong presence in social media in his six-second application before the closing of Vine. His comics earned him approximately two million followers until the app was shut down in 2017, and Josh kept on YouTube. His channel was set up in 2013 and he has more than 600 videos with a total of over 500 million views. Jason also distinguished himself from social media as an actor. In several movies he has also created shows for prestigious TV networks like Fox, NBC, CBS, Oxygen and IFC.

13. Gonzalez Danny

3.2 million dollars net worth
Vine follower: 2.8 million
The subscribers of YouTube: 4.4 million
Comedy and Music Content
Danny Gonzalez: Channels:

The comedy and reaction videos on YouTube are well known to Danny Gonzalez. The American media figure is named after the App closed in 2017 one of the most successful YouTuber. Danny was a household name on Vine before Youtube, where he had nearly three million supporters. But when he started Troom Troom Reaction Videos he made his big break on YouTube. Also, when he started his music career, he started to produce funny and parodic songs such as his popular song, “My Dad is Rich.”

12. Colby and Sam

$1 million Net Value
Vine follower: 1 million
Subscriber to YouTube: 4.72 million (2021)
Comedy, Blog, Content/Genre.
Sam and Colby Channels
The duo, Samuel John Golbach (born 27 November 1996) and Cole Robert Brock (born 2 January 1997) are one of the leading creators of content that became successful after Vine’s success. The first names are Sam and Colby. The first name is Sam and Colby. With their popular Vine videos, which are two-piece Following Fat People serie and their public disturbance series, over 1,6 million followers were present on their Vine account. Kansas started his YouTube career in 2014, just before the app was shot. The duo are both from Overland Park.

In November of that year their first video was released on YouTube. Comedy and challenging videos started the previous high school students, who have recently moved into Exploration and Overnight series posting. Their YouTube activities have attracted over 4 million followers over the years with more than 500 million views.

11. The Code of Management

3.8 million dollars Net worth:
Vine follower: 3.2 million
Subscribers of YouTube: 5.21 million
Content: Comment, Comedy, Rap. Comments.
Tiny Meat Gang Channels:
The former Viner became popular on YouTube with posting videos, in which he comically criticized personalities. The Canadian YouTuber, a Duke University graduate, publishes various videos which fundamentally criticize and comment on other personalities and videos on Instagram and YouTube. He mainly comes from Noel Miller, a colleague from former Vine Star with whom he works in most of his videos.

10. Jibawi Anwar

5 million dollars net worth
Vine follower: 3.66 million
Subscribers to YouTube: 6.1 million.
Content: Vlog, Comedy, Cooking.
Anwar Jibawi Channels:

Anwar liked posting short comedy videos on Vine, before he started his YouTube channel in 2016. The renowned boxer, Mike Tyson’s YouTube channel, also lies behind it. On several occasions, Tyson was featured on his YouTube channel.

9. Mancuso Rudy

Net value: 4 million dollars
Vine follower: 10 million
Subscribers to YouTube: 7.49 million
Content: Comedy of music
Rudymancuso channels
After his many uploads to comedy videos which have earned him recognition, Rudy made the top 20 viners in the world list. In many movies, television series and music videos, he also has a feature. His Vine videos were inspired by his Hispanic history and his love of instrument play.

9. Stocking of Hannah

5 million dollars net worth
Vine follower: 900,000
Subscribers of YouTube: 7.68 million
Content: Talk Show Musical, Comedy, Vlog.
TheHannahStocking Channels

The Greek-American origin of Hannah Stocking. Comedy skitting was made on the Vine App in 2013 by internet personality and social media success on YouTube continued. Currently, her channels have more than 7.6 million loyal abonnés.

7. Hanna Gabbie

2 million dollars net worth:
Five million Vine follower:
Subscribers to YouTube: 7.7 million
Content: Lifestyle, comedy.
Gabbie Hanna Channels:
The content maker started her Vine App career in 2013, named after The Gabbie Show. Born Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna in New Castle, Pennsylvania. By uploading short videos to the app, she made a breakthrough and later started a Youtube channel named after her.

6. Zurita.

5 million dollars net worth
Vine followers: 1.8 million followers
Subscribers to YouTube: 10 million
Contain: Comedy Comedy
Juanpa Zurita Channels:

The influence, vlogger, performer and model from Mexican social media is on the A list of viners that have made it big on YouTube. In both Spanish and English, his Vine videos were published. Zurita acts, models and makes TV appearances in addition to his YouTube career.

5. The Twins of Dolan

5 million dollars net worth
Vine follower: 6.4 million
YouTube Abonns: 11.1 million
Contain: Comedy Comedy
Dolan Twins Channels:

Since 2013, when the duo started in the app Vine, the Dolan twins, consisting of Ethan and Grayson Dolan, have consistently distilled fantastic content. Later in 2018, the Sister Squad with their fellow YouTubers, James Charles, and Emma Chambrlain formed a group of Sisters (also twins) that made their YouTube trip more fun and creative.

4. SuperwomanII II

20 million dollars net worth
Vine follower: 800,000
Subscribers to YouTube: 14,9 million (January 2021)
Contain: Comedy Comedy
Lilly Singh, Vlogs of Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a Canadian content creator whose comedy styles on Vine gained him more supporters. He is better to know as a superwoman or as IISuperwomanII styled. Lilly kept dropping her videos on your YouTube channels, starting in 2010, once the application stopped in 2017. It has over 14 million subscribers on its YouTube channel and its videos have been viewed by over 3 billion people. She also opened another channel, Lilly Singh, which has about 2.8 million subscribers and millions of views today.

3. MrBrent98

11 million dollars net worth
Vine follower: 8.1 million
Subscribers to YouTube: 15 million
Comedy, Vlog, content.
Brent Rivera Channels

While he took the name MrBrent98 from the stage in his content, Brent Austin Rivera was born as an American actor and social media figure. He once worked on and began his career on Vine, one of the original video streaming platforms, as did most others in this list.

2. Koshy Liza

Net value: 6 million dollars
Vine follower: 7 million
Subscribers of YouTube: 17 million
Contain: Comedy Comedy
Channels: Koshy, Koshy Too, Liza.

In 2013 Vine joined her beautiful American actress and TV host, where she uploaded short comedy sketches and started up her YouTube channel using series such as Liza on Demand and Jingle Ballin.

1. Dobrik David

15-30 million dollars net worth
Vine follower: 1 million
Subscribers to YouTube: 18.7 million
Contain: Comedy Comedy
Channels: Dobrik David, Dobrik Too David.

The Slovak-American is a YouTube vlogger known as The Vlog Squad’s comedy skit (his friends). David was a content creator on the late Vineapp before he began his YouTube channel in 2015, with great success as well. The Wall Street Journal described him as “Gen Z’s Jimmy Fallon,” because of his growing stardom with you in March 2020.