The truth of relationship, love, and romance in real life!

Relationships start on a happy note. Both parties are elated and on top of the world. Each side has expectations and duties. When these fall short, the real life starts. The hard part of a relationship is to maintain it over time without a compromise.

Relationships and love

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Relationships and love many times are overhyped. The entertainment industry has some role to play in it. But it is not always as the films show it….Happily thereafter. Relationship and love are complicated matters.

Couple dating (Source: Mens XP)

The initial months of a relationship are a smooth ride. Each one has something new to discover about the other partner. Romance seems to be at its peak. Everything appears rosy. But soon, you find some reasons that you do not like in him or her. You try to overlook and ignore. But when persistent and repetitive, it gets difficult. Somewhere, the charm fades away. You try to make it look good though actually it is not. There are visible struggles to keep that spark alive.

Expectations and love

As human beings one has expectations of people around. But invariably these are not met. And when it comes to a life partner, these expectations are high and more. These may change with time. The surroundings and societal pressures define these expectations. Both partners usually are not on the same page on this. Frictions set in and relationships turn bitter.

Cracks in a relationship (Source: Pinterest)

The expecting partner tries to ignore and forget. But by doing so, there is a suppressed anger and hidden hurt. This remains in the heart and can come out in some wrong ways. Somewhere along the way romance fades away. The touch and sight of the partner used to cause an adrenaline surge in you. But it no more does.

Grey areas show up in a relationship

Soon, the partner’s eccentric habits, weird previously unknown traits and grey areas show up. You try to change or ignore. But both ways it is hard. Then adjustments come in. One has to make great efforts to keep up the relationship and make things work. But often failure comes your way.

One realizes that love, romance, and relationship is not a cakewalk. A great amount of time and efforts are required to maintain it. People not wanting to put in the time and efforts end up breaking up. A busy career can give the couple no time to communicate and discuss. This also leads to splits.

Loneliness and split in a relationship (Source: Time)

When physical and/or emotional needs are not met, cracks come up in a relationship. These cracks could become difficult to repair. Social networking and such digital technology does not help. In fact, it only adds to the woes.

The life of a celebrity is an open book. Often we have seen how they profess their love and talk the ultimate about it. But in a matter of a few years, everything they said before sounds just the opposite of what they say during the split. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West love story is a glaring example of it. Kim tried making her married life work but it ended in a divorce.

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