VanossGaming’s Success Story in Online Sphere. Also, Know Some Personal Details on Life of VanossGaming

For several years, traditional intelligence found the decision to drop out of college to pursue an online career stupid and self-destructive. There was no other way but to leave college for a YouTube career when Evan Fong, popularly known as VanossGaming.

This drastic change, though, paid off and he became one of the best-known figures on the platform. From pro-gamer to imaginative directing and voice acting he has improved his online work, brought great wealth to Vanos, and proud his parents.

VanossGaming online Beginning with a playful concept

VanossGaming was born in Toronto, Canada, on 31 May 1992. He grew up as a child in ice hockey and got very qualified in ice hockey. Evan didn’t pay much attention to computer games because of his love of ice hockey. They were splendorous, and he played games like Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, and Duke Nukem 3D for children’s puzzles and games of adventure.

Before traveling to the states in which he studied at the University of Pennsylvania to study economics, he had his schooling at Richmond Hill High School. On September 15th, 2011 he founded his YouTube channel and began to post videos of him and his friends as they play video games. His earliest videos included games like Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 11 and Grand Theft Auto V, and Garry’s Mod.

The Comics of Fong proved to be a great success, and he crossed the 1million mark after two years after the creation of his own channel. He left school after hitting the landmark and made a complete dedication to his online career.

His decision to withdraw was addressed by his Korean mother and Chinese father. While they recognized the promise of this enterprise, they were concerned that he gave up a certain thing for a life of confusion.

YouTube becomes an International Celebrity
Evan Fong’s decision paid off against the understandable concern. His channel was one of the most-watched on YouTube with time spent fostering the channel and improving video quality. It is estimated that each day it adds a total of 3,000 people and 3 million viewers.

His development was not just a gamer’s talent, but also a mystery of his personality as a player. He never revealed his face and was only visible for a long time with his channel mark, ahead of an owl. For the first time in 2013, three years after the creation of the channel, VanossGaming unveiled its face.

One year after, he hit 7.6 million customers with an annual turnover of 6.6 million. He had the 2nd most-subscribed YouTube gaming channel record behind PewDiePie from 2015 to 2016. For most of the above Canadian channels, he still held the record at the same time until he was eventually overshadowed by JustinBieverVevo. VanossGaming has over 25.1 million users and over 13 billion views to date.

He has not ignored his achievements on YouTube. In 2014, he was nominated for 2014 The Gaming Awards Trend Gamer Award. He was also a panelist at the Boston, Massachusetts 2015 YouTube Gaming Convention. He was nominated for innovations and creativity in 2016 under the Shorty Awards Gaming category.

His remarkable success story The Secret

VanossGaming has been able to create a significant amount of views through a marketing campaign featuring the camaraderie of playing video games with friends in mountains. He seldom posts videos of himself playing alone after the formation of the channel.

His friends, including several YouTube celebrities, play with him. The young and old are attracted to his childlike humor, and he enjoys one of the most friendly Youtube fan-bases. This innovative mix of features has made him one of the most popular video-sharing platforms.

For its name, it was inspired by its father, who, in turn, was inspired by the variable valve timing device VANOS of BMW. His dad used the name (vanoss62) as his alias in video games, and when his channel was created, Evan Fong adopted it.

How many of VanossGaming works has He Made?

Via the monetization strategy of multiple social media sites, VanossGaming has millions of users and trilliards of views. This is a major advantage. Acronymally, the channel receives up to $20,000 in YouTube ads every day, amounting to $ 7.3 million a year, according to figures smashed by Naibuzz.

While it also has to be decided the exact number, VanossGaming gives a significant revenue depending on the width of its fan base. He also owns private sponsorships from businesses including Ubisoft, The Division, EA Games, Best Fiends, and Monster Legends, as well as revenues from merchandise and YouTube advertising.

He made 15 million dollars out of YouTube in 2017 alone, and that increased in the next year to 18.5 million dollars. Though his sales fell to 11.5 million dollars in 2019, he was also one of the top-paying individuals on the network. All these have enriched Evan Fong, reaching an unprecedented 25 million dollars in net value.

Ventures Beyond YouTube by Evan Fong

He may have made him a well-known name in his YouTube career, but not just his company. Dead Realm, a video game he developed in 2015 with some friends, is another undertaking. He lent his voice to the Ghost Action Team, a YouTube animation film.

VanossGaming has a career in music that it nurtures through Lynx, the name of the level. He has an Avant Garden record label that makes his music affordable. Songs like Want You, Hold On, Read my Mind, and Club Poor are posted.

He has remixed popular tracks such as Alison Wonderlands’ Cry, Olivia O’Brien’s Love Myself, and Sean Paul’s Contra La Pared in his discography. So far, Lynx has published one studio album and six individuals.

Personal Life of VanossGaming

VanossGaming appears to live a private life, although some specifics have appeared over the years after he became a media figure. He’s half Chinese and he’s half Chinese.

Besides the motivation of his father on his YouTube page, his family doesn’t know many details. With regard to his sex life, her name remains uncertain, although it is assumed he has a family.

He never shows his face except for special occasions. One of them is the 2014 challenge of the ALS Ice Bucket. He poured on himself a combination of whipped cream and other iced drinks instead of ice water.

Evan Fong is based in California, Los Angeles. This music gamer enjoys various genres such as rap, electronic, and rock music with an eclectic palate. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is his favorite game. Evan enjoys TV shows like Smashing Squarepants, Dexter, and SpongeBob.