Who is Veronica Montelongo? Know About Veronica Montelongo: Bio, Facts and Profile of Armando Montelongo’s Ex-wife

Veronica Montelongo is an American actress, TV-show-star, real estate investor, and former wife of Armando Montelongo, a popular reality TV-show host. She is thought to be in the mid to late 1940s and has about 20 years of real estate experience.

She’s a smart businesswoman who values honesty in all of her business and insists that she is equal to anyone she encounters at work. She is proud of her reputation and is not considered to have either defrauded one of her customers or engaged in unfair business practices.

Veronica Montelongo’s Bio

Veronica Montelongo never transmitted her date or place of birth to the public through any media; she did not share any information with anyone about her parents, family, schools, or any other personal information. Most of what’s known about her life are the truth she’s recorded since the TV reality show “Flip This House” on the A&E network.

Obviously, not much knowledge about Veronica, not her maiden name – while Veronica Monique is unconfirmed in speculation; but considering its hidden existence, here are a few items that we have dug up concerning her.

Facts on the former wife of Armando Montelongo, Veronica Montelongo

Family and Husband

The popular TV star, real-estate “flipper” and mogul, actor & television producer Veronica Montelongo was married to Armando Montelongo. The exact date of their wedding is not known officially, but they have been married for a long time and some of them say they may be married up to 14 years. They didn’t or agreed to have no children at all in their marriage.

The reality television show Flip This Haus began before Veronica and Armando – it was debuted and ran for five years on 24 July 2005 on the A&E TV network – and very little was known about it, but all changed as it became famous and it became popular.

Flip This House showed Veronica and Armando Montelongo’s immobiliary company with some partners in the region of San Antonio and beyond. They will purchase their owner’s old or run-down properties, repair property issues using construction entrepreneurs, flip or sell the property to a new owner, and seek a fair profit from the sale. They have always succeeded in their commercial ties, but with their own disagreements and doubts.

About Her husband’s divorce, Armando

One of them, filed for divorce sometime in 2011, does not know which of them, but some people believe that Armando is.

Before applying for divorce, the pair, whose marriage was loving and blissful, turned unexpectedly worse by the end of the fourth and fifth seasons of their reality.

Armando, the former co-star of the show over a dispute about investment decision, had divided up with his pal, David, and his wife Melina, who had had problems with some houses that he had flown. He became acrimonious and his relations with contractors were strained. his conduct to Veronica Montelongo.

The couple had just grown apart and differences in politics. As the Court of San Antonio announced, their divorce became final in 2012 and their separation agreement details were not revealed.

Veronica Montelongo Lawsuit against Alimony

In 2017, Veronica took Armando to court on a violation of its divorce settlement agreement in Bexar County District. It was clear that Armand was to pay Veronica a weekly fee of $4,000.

This lifted the lid on their previous secret deal. An annual wedding care payment in the order was $250,000 for 5 years. For not paying her the balance of $147,500 of the sum decided in 2016, she sued him. She went on to ask the court for a prison term for her ex-husband if he doesn’t.

The matter was settled by the court, and all his duties to Veronica were met by Armando.

Veronica Montelongo’s Career

Following the end of the reality-screen and its divorce from Armando, Veronica Montelongo turned to the performing industry and starred in a 2013 film entitled “Duty Line.”

As one of the lead characters of the film, she starred as “Bobby’s mother.” In this movie too, her former husband played. The film wasn’t good and since that time she has never played any other film.

How Much Does Veronica Montelongo Earn?

She has started her very own real estate business, distancing her company from her ex-husband. Veronica Montelongo is currently worth around $1 million. She creates personal resources tirelessly on her behalf.