Vladimir Putin: his mysterious sexual life of wife, multiple mistresses, and love children!

Vladimir Putin is the current President of Russia who hit headlines for his attack on Ukraine. He seems to be having a controlling type of mentality. Not only his professional life but his personal life is also mired in controversies. He had some marriages and divorces, multiple extramarital affairs and many love children.

Vladimir Putin and his wife/wives

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The personal life of the current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is a mystery. As regards his relationship, it is not clear how many marriages he did. But he was married at least once. His former wife was Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya. They exchanged wedding vows in July 1983. In June 2013 after 30 years of marriage the two announced that they have separated. The court finalized their divorce in April 2014.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin with ex-wife (Source: The Independent)

Earlier in an interview he gave to The Washington Post, Vladimir had said:

“I understood that if I didn’t marry for another two or three years, I would never marry,

“Though, of course, I had made a habit of leading a bachelor’s life. Lyudmila uprooted it.”

He has two daughters with his ex-wife. They are Mariya Putina, 36, and Yekaterina Putina, 35. People had different speculations about the reason for this split. Some stated that it was stress of running a country due to which his marriage crumpled. But many are sure that the reason for the divorce was his infidelity and multiple extramarital affairs.

The mistresses of Vladimir

The Russian President had several rumored mistresses. The prominent amongst them was Alina Kabaeva. Alina was a Russian Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics and also a former politician. Media outlets allege that the two got together even before he split from his wife. The Russian newspaper The Moskovsky Korrespondent first reported this news on 2008 in April. It also stated that the two are engaged and would soon marry. But Vladimir denied it and soon after the publication of the newspaper ceased.

Vladimir Putin
Alina, mistress of Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Putin (Source: The Independent)

Vladimir had said:

There is a private life in which no one should interfere. I’ve always had a low opinion of those with snotty noses and erotic fantasies who delve into the lives of others.”

He has love children with Alina. One daughter was born in 2015 and twin sons arrived in 2019.

Other affairs of Vladimir and love children

Vladimir also had an affair with Russian millionaire, Svetlana Krivonogykh. The opposition leader Alexei Navalny had disclosed about this illicit relationship. But after that, Alexei is behind bars in retaliation. And with Svetlana, he had a love child called Luiza Krivonogikh born in March 2003. The teenager was on social media but after October 2021, Luiza is absent from it. Her fans got worried for her. But they are not sure where she has disappeared.

Vladimir Putin
Wendi Deng and Vladimir Putin (Source: India Today)

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In 2016, he was supposedly in a relationship with Wendi Deng. He has relationships with more other women the names of whom have not been identified. He might probably be having other illegitimate kids too with them. But due to his power, Vladimir manages to silence people and media using force.