Facts About Wale’s Age, Bio, Career, Dating Life, Daughter

Wale is a Nigerian artist based in the USA. Thanks to the singularity of his music, which he cultivated over the years, the rapper rose to prominence. He worked with artists including J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Olamide, and Wizkid.

So far six studio albums have been dropped and various nominations and awards have been awarded. For his song “Poor” which included Tiara Thomas, he received the Soul Train Awards for the Best Hip Hop Song of the Year in 2013.

He received the Nigerian Entertainment Awards’ Best International Artist Award earlier in 2010. The next year, he won the BET Hip Hop Awards for Best Club Banger and a further Best Collaboration award in 2012.

Wale’s Early Life, Age, Bi0

The Chillin rapper was born as Victor Akintimehin of Olubowale on September 21, 1984, as professionally known as Wale. His parents were Nigeriaans and he was raised in a middle-class household. Before he was born, however, his parents moved to the United States from Austria.

It is understood that his parents were both of Southwestern Nigeria’s Yoruba ethnic community. The people of Yoruba are found mainly in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo and live in western Africa. Wale isn’t his family’s only child because he has Alvin Akintimehin as his brother.

He was growing up and then moved to Largo, Maryland in Prince George’s County, Quince Orchard High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His passion and football skills won him a football baccalaureate at Robert Morris and Virginia State University. He later moved to the University of Bowie State.

Wale did not complete his university education for some academic reasons. In 2012, he retired. Nevertheless, with or without a degree, he was determined to reach the top.

Wale’s Musical Journey

With his first song, “Century rhyme,” the rapper was able to get some recognition and some airplay. The album was released at the age of 20 and was released in 2014. He was able to continue building on that, and in 2005 he got the chance to appear with the spotlight in The Source magazine thanks to the considerable success of his first single.

The rap artist in Washington DC quickly grew up in his own unique style to stardom. The style of Wale was heavily influenced by the common style of music of Washington Go. The international star has popularized the regional genre and merged it with contemporary hip-hop effectively. This was the release of his successful mixtape “Paint a Picture.”

“Dig Dug (Shake It)” was the success of Wale’s 2006 hit single, which led to his Allido records being signed in 2007. His debut album Attention Deficit was released in 2009. In his first week of release, the album has been good as it sold over 28,000 copies, even though few copies had been shipped.

His next album was Ambition and was released by his then signed Maybach Music Group. It was successful more than the first album when in the first week of its release it sold 162,600 copies. In 2012 he released a mixtape called Folarin. His next albums are “The Gifted” (2013), “The Album About Nothing” (2015), “Shine” (2019).

His songs were a big deal for Wrestler
Wale was a hot cake for record labels like Def Jams and Interscope, among others, with achievements and the raw display of quality talent. Wale was later signed for $1.3 million with Interscope, making it one of the highest ever signed artists.

Wale is undoubtedly Washington DC’s most famous rapper. He has earned a number of nominations including the Lotus Flower Bomb Grammy for Best Rap Song in 2013. He was also nominated for the African Muzik Magazine Award and the MTV Video Music Awards.

It was observed in all these that the rapper was responsible for referring to his songs in wrestling. It has become some kind of trademark of his music and it has become popular among fans of wrestling. As a huge wrestling fan, he has performed at WWE, where he hosts his WaleMania annual weekend.

Wale’s Net Worth

Wale was signed up for $1 million in 2011 when he joined the label Maybach Music. At around that time, sources indicated that the show charged him $25.000 and for events and concerts between $700 and $2.500. Forbes estimated he won up to 5 million dollars by 2012.

The artist raised $20,000 a night and held more than 75 shows in previous years, according to the American business journal.

The above reveals, if anything, that the rapper has been far from his career. And, of course, his gain has since increased as he is important to the business. It is only reasonable to conclude.

In 2013, Wale signed a contract to model her shoes with Nike. Although the deal is not known in its specifics, it is thought that it has added a lot to its capital. The rap star also revealed his involvement with a few athletes in some companies. The rapper is priced at least $10 million based on rough estimates.

The Rapper is in ruggedness

Wale has shown that he invests and spends his money in a conservative manner. The entertainer explained that passion pushes him more than money in his interview with Forbes. He claims that you have to be good at what you do and that leads you to the top.

He loves good things, he says, but does not let them live his life. He likes good things. But he had to let him drive something. The rap star’s idea is therefore to reach the highest levels of his career and to make more money. However, Wale’s net value cannot be perceived by its appearances and accessories.

With his capital, the musician is wise and frugal. He says it’s not his style for the public to buy and wear “blings.” The big bucks were not necessarily the motive after he started performing as a local American entertainer. Wale wanted to hear his voice and perfect his behavior. In the world entertainment industry, he wants to make a mark.

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Wale’s daughter

Wale and his former friend Chloe Alexis in the New York City hospital were born in Zyla Moon Oluwakemi. Wale had a concert in Brooklyn on Friday night that he called out after having learned that he was a dad. Even though he is no longer together with his mother, the rapper has never ceased to be all over her daughter since she was born.

Details about his relationship with Chloe are difficult to come by, but they lost the bond that made them lovers, based on what the rapper once said, and contributed to his disintegration. However, as Zyla’s co-parent, Chloe remained a part of his life. Wale believes in Chloe more than that. It was a time when he described it as “the most gorgeous and inspiring baby mothers of all times,” which vowed to keep it as part of his entire lifetime.

Wale’s Dating Life

The American rapper never had to conceal from the public any part of his life. So, for anyone who cares to read his love life has been an open book. He was in contact with a couple of famous women. The first thing we could say was with Solange, the famous American singer, and Beyonce’s younger sister. In 2007 Solange and Wale began their divorce with their first husband Daniel Smith, from 2009 to 2010, it is believed. Some of Wale’s songs, such as ‘Lotus Flower Bomb,’ were speculated about Solange.

The next time the rapper was apparently in love with Amelia Knox in 2014. Just as soon as it began, whatever they ended; there is nothing to say about it. Then came Serayah, the great singer, model, and actress known in the iconic Empire TV show for playing Tiana Brown.

In October 2015, it circulated for the first time that they were an item. Even though a source close to Serayah disclaimed the allegations, maintaining that the two were colleagues, people insisted on having something extraordinary rather than friends.

Wale and India Graham

India’s Graham, a model which received a great deal of late publicity, is currently the love of Wale’s life. A native of Michigan, India came to light following her winning IMG Models modeling competition. After they’ve seen a group frolicking, it turned out that both are lovers.

Both of them did not waste time to validate their relationship. After the sixth studio album was dropped by Wale in October 2019, India went to Instagram to congratulate him and declared he was his boyfriend. Wale also confirmed the relationship in an interview and affirmed that India has taught him to be better and better.