Walter Grady Robert

Walter Grady Robert is popularly known for being the father of Julia Roberts, an actress who has won an Academy Award.

Walter Grady Robert is popularly known for being the father of Julia Roberts, an actress who has won an Academy Award. Walter Grady Robert worked as an actor and dramatist for a short time. Walter was born in Georgia, in the United States, in 1933. Walter, who has American citizenship, is of white ethnicity.

Roberts’ precise birth date is unknown, thus we are unable to determine when he celebrates his birthday or what sign he was born under. Additionally, there is currently no information known on Walter’s parents or siblings. The biography of Roberts is accessible on various websites, such as Wikipedia and IMDB.

Bio, Age, Parents, Nationality

In 1933, Walter was born. He was born in Smyrna, Georgia, in the United States. Walter, who has American citizenship, is of white ethnicity.

Roberts’ true birth date is unknown, hence we are unable to provide information about his birthday celebrations or birth sign. We can infer from Walter’s photos and images that his height and weight were typical.

Three kids were raised by Walter as a father. (two daughters and a son). Walter created an enduring effect on his children to follow in his footsteps, even though he left the world before witnessing his children succeed in their careers. Eric, the older son of Walter, was born in 1956 and has earned 596 acting credits to date.

Similar to him, his daughter Lisa is a well-known producer and actor of our time. Roberts spent some time residing in Coatbridge as well. Julia, his daughter, was born in 1967 and is well-liked by his children due to her exceptional acting abilities.

Quick Facts About Walter Grady Robert

Full Name Walter Grady Roberts
First Name Walter
Middle Name Grady
Last Name Roberts
Date of Birth December 25, 1933
Age 87 years
Profession Celebrity Parent
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Capricorn
No Of Children 3
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 58 Kg
Walter Grady Roberts
Walter Grady Roberts with his family

Walter Grady Robert – Career, Net worth – 2023

Although Walter had a successful acting career up until this point, information about his wealth at the time of his passing is not known.

Julia, his daughter, has a net worth of roughly $250 million, on the other hand. Compared to his other child, his daughter has had some of the greatest career achievements. And his son Eric has a net worth of around $2 million.

Walter Grady Robert’s Career

Julia Roberts, an American actress, is descended from Walter Grady Roberts. Here is Walter Grady Roberts’ whole biographical timeline:

  • In Georgia, America, Walter Grady Roberts was born in 1933.
  • Betty Lou Bredemus, Walter’s first wife, was married in 1955.
  • Eric Roberts, the couple’s first child, was born in 1957.
  • Betty and Walter got divorced in 1965.
  • Kelly Cunningham, an actress, was Walter’s second wife when they wed in 1971.
  • Julia Roberts, the couple’s daughter, was born in 1976.
  • Walter and Kelly got divorced in 1983.
  • Walter died in 2004 at the age of 75.

Julia Roberts’ life and career were significantly influenced by her father, Walter Grady Roberts. Walter was involved in his daughter’s life and gave her the love and support she needed to pursue her goal of being an actress despite their divorce from her mother.

Julia attributes her strong work ethic and love of storytelling, both of which have helped her succeed in her career, to her father. Despite Walter’s passing, his influence endures thanks to the gifted and accomplished daughter he helped raise.

Body Measurements – Height, Weight

Walter has passed away as of this day. At the age of 44, he passed away in 1977 from throat cancer. Roberts had stunning black hair and eyes that were sparkling.

Relationship Status of Walter Grady Robert

Betty Lou Bredemus, an actress and acting coach, was Walter’s wife. He initially met her while playing for the troops as part of his performance, George Washington Slept Here.

They grew to be close friends as a result. Following the show’s travels, Walter and Betty began dating. After courting Bredemus for a considerable amount of time, Walter wed her in 1955.

Walter and his wife started the Atlanta Actors and Writers Workshop, which was a big success. Later, he co-hosted a children’s program with his wife, Bredemus, and they created roughly 15 episodes of Bum Bum and His Buddies.

After a while, Walter and his wife began to experience severe financial problems, and their jointly created workshop was eventually closed. Walter and Bredemus ultimately made the decision to get divorced after 20 years. In 1971, Walter’s wife filed for divorce, and it was finalized the following year.

However, Walter and his wife’s motive for divorcing is still a mystery. Julia Robert, Erin Robert, and Lisa Robert are their shared children’s names. Betty and her kids moved to Smyrna, Georgia, following their divorce from Walter. Julia’s mother, a single mom in Coatbridge, reared her and her brothers. Julia, Walter’s daughter, was just five years old at the time.

Social Media

Throughout his entire life, Walter lacked any sort of social media presence on websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Walter seems to be a rather reclusive person who is not particularly forthcoming about himself.

FAQs of Walter Grady Robert

How did Walter Grady Roberts die?

  • Walter Grady Roberts died because of throat cancer.

Who is Julia Robert’s father?

  • The name of Julia Robert’s father is Walter Grady Roberts.

What did Walter Grady Roberts do for a living?

  • Walter Grady Roberts was an actor.

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