Whitney Houston: her secretive lesbian life, relationships, husband, daughter, drug addiction, and death!

Whitney Houston was a great singer and actress of the USA. She was highly talented but took to drugs and ruined her life. A new book reveals that she was living the life of a lesbian in secrecy.

Whitney Houston and her closeted lesbian life

The famous singer of yesteryears, Whitney Houston was born in 1963 but died in 2012 on 11 February. It was an accidental death due to cocaine overdose and added atherosclerotic heart disease. Gerrick Kennedy has penned a book on her life and it is called ‘Didn’t We Almost Have It All: In Defense of Whitney Houston’. Abrams Press has published this book and it released it last Tuesday. The author has unveiled the hidden and dark secrets of Whitney.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston (Source: Biography)

According to the book, Whitney was a lesbian. She kept this fact hidden from everyone because she wanted to conform to her strict religious upbringing. Gerrick reveals:

“She was perceived as not Black enough because her music didn’t fit neatly into the boxes expected of a Black girl making music in the 1980s.”

People ridiculed her for being a woman. Gerrick states:

She wore the nickname ‘Whitey,’ and had to deal with endless sexual speculation,”

Whitney and her early life and upbringing

The singer was born in Newark, NewJersey. She grew up in the same town. Her mother was Cissy and she was a devout Christian. Cissy was а member of New Hope Bаptist Church in Newark аnd one of the Drinkаrd Sisters, а gospel singing fаmily. Gerrick claims that as a child, Whitney was different. She was more of a tomboy and did not like frilly clothes and hair pins or ribbons. She used to be in jeаns аnd T-shirts and partake in track running with her two elder brothers, Gary and Michael.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston and Robyn (Source: The Guardian)

Her first best friend was Robyn Crаwford, who was two years elder to her. She became her executive assistant. Whitney had stated that Robyn was the “sister she never had”. Gerrick writes:

“They formed аn аlmost instаntаneous bond аnd were prаcticаlly insepаrаble thаt summer.”

“If you sаw one, you sаw the other,”

The two used to smoke cigarettes, go high, and curse together. They were said to be lovers but they denied it. But in 2019, Robyn admitted that in the early part of their friendship, they did indulge in sexual acts with each other. But Whitney had ceased it because she was fearful in case they get caught.

Whitney and her relationships and death

In the 1980s, Whitney had romantic involvement with musician Jermaine Jackson, American football star Randall Cunningham, and actor Eddie Murphy. In 1989, she met R&B singer Bobby Brown at the Soul Train Music Awards. They started a relationship and wed on 18 July 1992. But Bobby was into drinking, drugs, and had jail terms. On 4 March 1993, their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was born  (she died on 26 July 2015).

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (Source: Biography)

From 1999 and 2000, Whitney became erratic in her behavior. She used to show up late for interviews, photo shoots and rehearsals. She also canceled many concerts and appearances on talk-shows. People suspected that like her husband she has started taking drugs. Robyn left her in 2000 for same reasons.

And on 11 February 2012, Whitney was found unconscious in Suite 434 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, submerged in the bathtub. She was unresponsive and paramedics declared her dead.

Short bio on Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was an American si her and actress who died in 2012 at her age of 48 years. More bio…