Who is Dana White? Interesting Facts on Dana White: Age, Bio, Profession, Net Worth, Family life, Body Measurement

Dana White is a US businessman who chairs the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world’s biggest mixed association of martial arts (MMA). White is famous for his exemplary and efficient leadership in the UFC which transformed the combat sport into a global multi-billion-dollar enterprise. Including promoter of the year and World MMA Award, he received several prizes. All that is desirable to know about him is contained here.

Dana White: Early Life and Beginning Career

Born in Manchester, Connecticut to parents, June and Dana White, Dana Frederick White Jr. was 28.69. Dana Frederick White Jr. Much of his childhood was brought up by his mother and sisters, he and his only sister Kelly. The Irish descent is said to be.

When White started boxing and completed secondary school in 1987 from Maine’s Hermon High School, he became a fighting man at the age of 17.

Dana White did not have it easy until she was one of the most successful men in the world, from an amateur boxer to an entrepreneur. He stayed in Boston and served, among other things, as a bouncer, bellman to survive properly.

White quit after two years to try a boxing company from the University of Massachusetts. He introduced a boxing program for children in the center of the city and a punching company. In the 1990s he did quite well before the Irish mob allegedly threatened him from Las Vegas. He had done quite well in his life. White said he left everything he had while they were trying to get money ($2,500) from him.

In Vegas, he began to work as a manager for boxing champions like Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. When he heard that Semaphore Entertainment Corporation, the parent company of the UFC, intend to sell the Ultimate Fighting Championship, White contacted his childhood friend, Lorenzo Fertitta and his brother Frank Fertitta who were co-owners of Station Casinos.

At $2 million in January 2001, the Fertittas bought an 81 percent share of UFC ownership and elected the president of the company White. In order to manage their MMA organization, whom White is also called president, they also own 9 percent shares of their business, the brothers also formed Zuffa, LLC, a sport promotion company. The UFC secured sanctions for fights in Nevada under their shared management of the corporation [Fertitta’s and White’s], making Las Vegas a global empire’s headquarters.

UFC Chairman Dana White

The white style as the UFC president is characterized as blunt and frontless, whose ox is rubbed. The great opponent who has turned the UFC into the undisputed MMA World champion, with more than 100 training facilities in 175 nations, fights in over a billion households in the media.

White continued his position as president when UFC was officially sold to the talent agency, WME-IMG, for $ 4 billion in July 2016. A year later, in May 2017, Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Circuit Series was revealed to be running on a UFC Fight Pass every month to scout the company’s talents.

White also participated in boxing and promoted the mega-fighting between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor because later is a UFC fighter. He subsequently revealed his plans to include boxing in the UFC’s business portfolio. He said he’s 100% boxing and his promoter’s license would be obtained.

Under his guidance, the UFC began the popular TUF championship The Ultimate Fighter, in a six-figure contract competition arranged for future UFC fighters. PRIDE, a Japanese mixed arts promotion organization, was also acquired by PRIDE on 25 May 2007. PRIDE Worldwide closed on 4 October 2007 in Japan.

The UFC on Fuel TV 3 is reportedly the very first Dana White ever to have been absent in its ads for years, “Korean Zombie vs. Poirier.”

 Dana White’s Wife and Children

Since 1996 Dana White has been married to his wife, Anne White, with two sons and three children: Dana and Aidan and Savannah’s daughter. The family now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Anne and her children remain largely out of public view and therefore the couple’s pictures are not seen in public.

How Much Does Dana White Earn?

The sports promoter in the UFC has collected a net total of 500 million dollars for decades. His yearly salary is 20 million dollars, which is no surprise because he has 9% UFC. In 2017, his wages were reported to be the highest for a non-combatant in UFC.

Before taxation, his share in the company will be estimated at $360 million after the UFC revenue of 4 billion dollars. But White is also a philanthropist, and one of his remarkable actions in 2011 gave $100,000 to his secondary school to renovate its sports facilities.

 Dana White’s Body Measurement

He weighs 194 pounds or 88 kg at this height. Dana White has a height of 5 feet, 11 inches, or 1.8 meters. His eye is bald and lined with hazel.

White showed that a neurological condition called Ménière’s disease was diagnosed and that he has received adequate medical attention.