Ye West and his insecurity on losing Kim Kardashian. He says Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson has AIDS!

The drama created by Ye West is not over yet. It appears there is more to come. Ye and his ex-wife, Kim divorced more than a year back. But Ye has not been able to get over her. He wants her back and is trying all the ways to bring her back to him. He has talked ill about her and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Additionally, he has pleaded with her to return and even tried to make her jealous. Until now, nothing has helped.

Ye West alleged that Pete Davidson has AIDS

Everyone is aware that Ye West has bipolar disorder. He is probably not taking any treatment for it. Kim and her family had tried to persuade Ye to seek medical consultation for his mental issue. But he did not comply.

After losing Kim, Ye is behaving cheaply and like a child. He is reducing himself to low levels. The latest in this is his claim that Pete, Kim’s new boyfriend has AIDS. TMZ has reported that Ye is spreading a lie about Pete, whom he considers his romantic rival. He has claimed that Pete is suffering from AIDS. renowned producer and radio personality DJ Akademkiks revealed:

“Kanye’s been telling everybody within earshot about Pete’s alleged illness.”

Khloe Kardashian
Pete and Kim (Source: Yahoo)

Ye thinks that by such lies he can sabotage Kim’s new relationship. But of course, she is not a person to buy his lies. She continues to romance Pete and he has even referred to her as his girlfriend. Pete has Crohns disease but definitely not AIDS.

Kim and her life with her conservative ex-husband

We all know that Ye is a conservative person. When Kim was married to Ye, she did not talk much of her sex life. Though she still directly does not talk about it, she is much more open on it. During her six years of marriage with the deeply religious Ye, she was in a love lockdown. He forbade her from doing a lot of things. He put those reins on his kids too. Kim had to follow a dress code during her wedding and even after. He did not allow her to wear the form-hugging dresses.

Ye West
Ye West and Kim (Source: Hollywood Life)

If she did, he would make a huge fuss of it. But in her four months of dating period with Pete, we do not see these things. Pete is liberal and open-minded and Kim is truly happy with him. Kim’s family too adore Pete and are happy for Kim.

Kim and her fun life with Pete

Pete is younger to Kim and he makes her feel young. Pete is not restricting Kim in any way. She is wearing what she feels like. In fact, he has clicked her in bikinis and posted the photos on his social media. She is very free now. Recently she posted a video on her social media of her unboxing a package she got from her sister Kourtney who has founded Poosh. She told her followers on IG story:

“I love getting Poosh baskets from Kourt. This looks like a cute little Valentine’s situation,”

“OK, I don’t know what half of this stuff is,”

Ye West
Kim’s Poosh basket from Kourtney (Source: Hotness everywhere)

In the packet were items labelled ‘clitoral stimulator’, CBD-laced ‘sex serum’ with CBD, and ‘horny goat weed’. Kim was amused and remarked:

“Mmmm… Happy Valentine’s Day!”

On the other hand, in a recent interview with People, Pete said:

Most of my daily life is getting into cars and showing up to a set,”

“Or if I’m off, I just either hang with my friends or chill with my girlfriend inside.”

Short bio on Ye West

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