Were Ye West and Julia Fox never dating? Or have they already split in a low-key manner?

Julia Fox gained prominence in the last two weeks thanks to rumors of her relationship with Ye West. But it looks like Ye is not in a mood for any serious relationship. Maybe he was just doing it to make his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian jealous and woo her back. But it did not work! And one must not forget that Ye suffers from bipolar disorder and has ups and downs due to it.

Ye West and his romantic moves post split from wife Kim

Kim Kardashian and Ye West have split. Their divorce process is in court. Amidst those legal ongoings, Ye tried to woo Kim back. But she did not yield in. Later, he purchased a house bang opposite and in the street that Kim and their four kids reside. Then, Ye went on to splurge on actress Julia Fox. Julia was overwhelmed and posted pics of herself getting intimate with Ye on her social media. She made statements that she is dating Ye not for his money or fame. The two were in matching attires at Hollywood events.

Ye West
Ye West and Kim (Source: Getty Images)

But Ye is unable to get over Kim. He posted messages on his IG talking ill of Kim and accusing her of not allowing him to attend their child Chicago’s birthday party. He also publicly expressed his dislike for her moving on and dating and kissing Pete Davidson. Later,Ye was also spotted with Chaney Jones, a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

Ye is busy, claims a source

Ye has not been honest in his relationship with Julia, it appears. Earlier a source had revealed that Ye has been unable to forget Kim and has not been able to move himself away from her. Hence Ye could not get into any serious relationship until now. He will have to truly move on before he is able to start another serious relationship.

Ye West
Julia Fox and Ye West (Source: Hollywood Gossip)

Now another source claims that Ye is too busy and had no time to date. The insider said:

“Kanye is busy,”

“He has his album. He’s got a million things going on work-wise. He designs, he produces, all of that takes time. And he is dealing with his divorce.”

But promptly, the source added in the same breath:

“Kanye very much likes Julia, but it’s a new situation and they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend,”

“They are dating. The relationship doesn’t have a title yet. He only met her five weeks ago,”

Only time will show if this will stick.”

A bit confusing!!! Maybe, they never dated. Or maybe they dated and later had a secretive or low key breakup.

What is Julia’s reaction to all this about Ye?

Ye trying to get back Kim. And then dating Chaney Jones. And in the midst of all this, still hooking up with Julia. So what is Julia’s reaction. Is she upset? Is she jealous? The source states that she is not bothered:

“Their bond transcends typical norms because they’re evolved beings who just want each other to be happy,”

“There is no jealousy or bad vibes.”

Ye West
Ye West and Julia (Source: Getty Images)

Probably, the two, Julia and Ye are friends with benefits. Maybe both are acting or have mutually decided on it. But if we remember the first date of Julia with Ye, there was lot of love in the air. Has it cooled off?

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