All Details on Japanese Baseball Player Yu Darvish’ Family, Wife, Brothers, Kids

Sport is a common language that can bring together people from all over the world. It is so global that people are moving from home to other places to dominate and become a leading figure in the sporting sector. Yu Darvish knows this is the tale of Yu Darvish.

The professional Japanese baseball starters have undeniably had a fruitful career. He called himself in Nippon’s Pacific League where he was active from 2005 to 2011 with Hokkaido Nippon-ham Warriors. With the club, he won several awards before moving to the USA and joining Major League baseball through the posting system for the Texas Rangers from 2012 to 2017. Yu played for Los Angeles Dodgers briefly in 2017 and joined the Chicago Cubs in 2018, after signing a $126 million contract over a six-year term.

A half Japanese and a half Iranians are the players of baseball
The parents of Yu Darvish came from different backgrounds, but they were united in their love for each other. His dad is Iranian, and Ikuyo, his mum, is Japanese. Ikuyo’s dad is Iranian. Farsad’s father operated a travel agency in Iran and, shortly before the Shah of Iran was laid down, he decided in 1977 to send his son to the USA for further education.

He took part in sports activities, particularly soccer and motocross while studying in the Americas. Later he met Ikuyo in St. Petersburg, Florida at Eckerd College, a Liberal Art School.

Yu Darvish’s Family

His mom also was a football player at college like Yu Darvish’s dad. Farsad and Ikuyo then began to date and decided to live together, marrying and finally stirring up their families in Japan. Yu and his siblings with Iranian heritage are now being identified as Japanese.

His family was assisted by the future MLB-Star When you grow up
Yu Darvish demonstrated an early baseball potential, Japan’s national sport. With his parents at school as athletes, they gave him all his assistance and encouragement. In the north of Sendai, he attended Tohuku High School renowned for its heritage.

By the age of fifteen, the school baseball teacher Masahiro Wako had already understood Darvish and had already started rotating. It was a lot, particularly at a school with a lot of other baseball talents. At 16 he played a role in bringing his team to the final of the Japanese National High School Baseball Cap. When he finished high school, he was regarded in the 2004 NPB amateur draft as one of his best high-school pitchers.

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Yu Darvish’s Brothers

The MLB pitcher is not his parents’ only child, as we can confirm that he has two siblings. Although they’re not as famous and little knowledge is understood, we still have one or two things to discover.

Darvish Kenta
Birthdate: 19 January 1992
Employment: Actor

Kenta is the Darvish family’s second most famous member. He has been an actor and he has created a name for himself in the film industry. He has been renowned for his 2012 Lesson of Evil role as Masahiro Tadenuma.

In spite of that, Jôhô Presenter Tokudane was featured in at least one episode of the TV series. It’s hard to say anything about Kenta, apart from these.

Darvish Sho

Stuff about what Sho does for his life are not known and other important facts of his life. However, when he was accused of playing baseball games, he made headlines in September 2016.

Osaka District Court allegedly found him guilty in addition to taking 110 million ($1.1 million) Yen ($100) bets on Japanese and American baseball games. He was given a two-year and four-month prison term, but he was suspended for 5 years.

After Sho was the arrest, Yu’s involvement was investigated by the authorities but no hand was identified.

Yu Darvish had been married to Diva Saeko from Japan.
Name: Saeko Name:
Birthdate: 16 November 1986
Employment: Model and actress
Marriage duration: (2007-2012)

Saeko is famous as the first woman in baseball, not only as a model but also as a TV host and as an actress, has made her name. She has appeared in many television shows and films in Japan. Saeko is also a social media queen, with more than 1.5 million people who followed her Instagram account.

While her ex-husband is considered to have shifted from their possessions, Saeko is not the same. Since her divorce, she has hidden much of her life of love from the media.


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Yu Darvish’s Children

Yu Darvish admitted in August 2007 that he was in connection with Saeko and that she was pregnant with Saeko. On 11 November 2007, Yu and Saeko bonded the nude and in March 2008 their son had been born.

In February 2010, their second child was born. Yu played professional baseball in Japan during that time. On the same day he signed formally with the Rangers, he signed his divorce papers and dissolved his marriage to Saeko. After five years of marriage, this was a decision they had agreed to.

Although one of his children seems interested in playing baseball, we can’t say who. This deduction is based in December 2018 on a Twitter post posted by Yu.

Seiko Yamamoto is married to Yu Darvish since 2016.
Birthdate: 22 August 1980
Work: Wrestler and Coach Wrestler
Hideaki Nagashima: Ex-husband

Yu Darvish started to date and in 2016 they made things official, just as soon as his first marriage collapsed. The pair share a great deal. For example, Seiko, as she was married to Hideaki Nagashima, is also the second of her marriage. The union started in 2006 and went into packaging in 2014.

Seiko and Yu are also sportsmen. Seiko is one of Japan’s most renowned women wrestlers. It has been reported that she won 4 country world championships. It is thought that she retired from wrestling and then moved to coach. She has been a US Junior Wrestling Team coach since then.

Yu Darvish’s Marriage Life

Yu Darvish and Seiko Yamamoto welcomed a young son together before marriage, whose name was unknown, but born in 2015. Even before they got married. The pair have been acclaimed by another son, but the couple is very protective of their children. As such, they do not post their photographs or other personal details online.