Zaza Pachulia’s Wife Tika Pachulia: Age, Bio, Marriage, Kids, Height

Tika Pachulia is the wife of Zaza Pachulia, the popular sports enthusiast. He has continued his magnificent accomplishments for the National Basketball Association Detroit Pistons (NBA).

The encouragement he receives from this beautiful wife of about eleven years and counting affects his records as an NBA star. As silent and highly reserved as this remarkable woman appears, in the following paragraphs, we will try to disclose her current age, organic value, net worth, and other facts about her life.

Tika Pachulia’s Age, Bio

The native of the SSR, Tbilisi – where she was reportedly raised, was born on the 30th day of December 1987 as the Tika Alavidze Pachulia. And even though Tika Pachulia is born there, she is also an American. Due to the fact, Tika Pachulia has still individual and finds details about her personal life very private information is not open to the media.

There was no closer look at her job or profession as we came up with nothing, but we found out that she was once a dancer for the Georgian Ballet of Sukhishvili. How Tika Pachulia spends an integral part of her time or what she does to make a living is very hard to say categorically.

However, it is important for her husband to excel as a basketball player in his career. When Zaza does what is right in the courts, she mostly gets to see her husband in the arena cheering for victory and when she is not there, she’s home to take care of her son.

Tika Pachulia’s Net Worth

Tika Pachulia’s revenue sources are largely unknown, as previously mentioned. However, her husband, a star player in basketball, is estimated to be worth 13 million dollars. The one-year Detroit Piston contract of her husband’s value is around $2,393,887, a $2,393,887 promised.

Her husband also raises $2,393,887 on average for a limit hit of $1,512,601. No wonder, the beautiful Mrs. Tika Pachulia is able to live alongside her husband in luxury and fly to the most fascinating destinations in the world. The couple in Atlanta have a magnificent home, with fleets of exotic vehicles – Bentley being one of them.

Additional Details About Tika Pachulia

Activities in social media

In social media, Tika Pachulia is very involved, particularly in the so-called Instagram picture share app. Your Instagram handle is always packed with images of your happy family and your day-to-day activities, @tikaalavidzepachulia, where she controls over 42k followers. Your husband Zaza, who has over 304 kilometers of followers, has an Instagram account – also @zazapachules.

Life in marriage

Since 2008, Zaza and Tika Pachulia have been dating. The specifics of how they met under the curtains and when they met them. They were said, however, to date for a long time before they agreed to officialize the relationship by going down the aisle.

Her husband Zaza Pachulia is an as-basketball player who plays his living for the Detroit Pistons team, a franchise he was a part of on July 15, 2018, when he played in 2017 and 2018, winning the NBA Championships in Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, Galatasaray, Dallas Maverick and Golden State Warriors. Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, SSR. Zaur Pachulia on 10 February 1984. When he turned fifteen, he changed his name legally from Zaur to Zaza.

His career started seriously after joining Ulkerspor, a group of 73 plays, and winning three titles to the squad before becoming the 42nd overall selection of Orlando Magic in the second round of the 2003 draft NBA.

A four children’s mother

The marriage of Tika Alavidez Pachulia with her husband with four children was blessed. Davit alias Data Pachulia, their first son, is followed by another son named Saba Pachulia, while Maria Pachulia’s third child is the daughter. The fourth and last kind is also a girl with Nutsa’s name. The boys warm up to the basketball game already, and they were excited to be enrolled in the basketball academy Piston.

Tika Pachulia’s Body Measurements

Tika Pachulia’s actual height is unveiled, but when she stands next to her husband in the photo she gets dwarfed with a height of six-foot-11″ (2.11 m). Zaza, her partner, weighs 270 lb (122 kg).