6 Amazing Facts To Know About Brandon Flowers Wife, Tana Mundkowsky: Age, Bio, Children, Facts

Brandon Flowers’ American vocalist and keyboardist The Killers from Las Vegas is an American songwriter and singer and is a major lead vocalist and keyboardist. He also often plays the bass guitar.

To date, the musician born in Nevada has recorded with the group five studio albums. Brandon Flowers has released two of his albums as a solo artist: The Desired Effect and Flamingo (2010). (2015).

While his musical successes have taken him into the spotlight, we can’t get out of face because of the suicidal tendencies of his wife that saw him even cancel the tour once. The wife of Brandon Flowers, Tana Mundkowsky is best known.

Nevertheless, recent events have made her not only a focus for her husband but also for people who care for her family and career. This job takes you a little deeper and reveals 6 facts about the wife of Brandon Flowers.

All Important Facts on the Flowers’ Wife of Brandon, Tana Mundkowsky

Where Did Tana Mundkowsky Meet Her Husband?

Their first meeting was in the 2001 Thrift Shop, called Buffalo Exchange in Las Vegas, between Brandon Flowers and Tana Mundkowsky. He was 21 when Tana was about 20, according to him.

Brandon visited the store to get some supplies for her first band gig along with his fellow singer Dave. He discovered Tana during the hunting process.

What came out was her dressing, which looked odd and made him feel that the lady had to be nice to hang out with. She put on a T-shirt with the image of Mickey Mouse, and a rose trench coat in a bootleg Joy Division.

Then Brandon collaborated with the American designer Betsey Johnson. He saw her as very different, imaginative, full of life, and the right woman for him. She was also an Urban Outfitters boss and later a school teacher.

For their first day, the love birds visited an all-night record shop where Brandon played with many musical artists, from Bowie to the Smiths and Leonard Cohen, but sounded cool. Tana Mundkowsky.

I passed by informing him that I had Bowie’s importation version. Brandon informs you that they had similar tastes in music that further reinforced their bond.

After four long years, the pair decided that it was time to officialize matters. They were married in a private ceremony on O’ahu Island in Hawaii on August 2, 2005.

Tana Mundkowsky’s Children

Tana Mundkowsky and her husband have three marvelous boys: Ammon (born 14 July 2007), Gunnar, and Henry (born 28 July 2009). (b. March 9, 2011).

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the family lives together. In Park City, Utah, you have a house, too. Some wonder why the couple had been waiting for their first son for two years. Sweet, the Flowers are a whole team of loving parents who first experimented with two adopted children before having their own parenting abilities.

Don’t worry, the children you meet aren’t. These friends are very fluffy, who long before Ammon was born, became part of the family.

Tana Mundkowsky Has Pet Dogs

Although many women could wait for their own infants, Tana’s was very different. You can see that the family adopted two dogs for a parenting concert after moving to Henderson’s house just 10 miles from the Las Vegas strip. Nikita and a poodle were dubbed a husky.

Tana Mundkowsky’s Husband Write Songs For Her

Brandon Flowers has written many songs for his wife as a token of their affection. Any sort of passion, one of which was. It came when she was under a high form of disturbance that we will disclose in our next point.

Tana Mundkowsky Was Patient of CPT

We are not exactly why, but the unusual cases of complex post-traumatic stress disorder have been encountered by tana mundkowsky.

In June 2019, her husband had to postpone his concerts with her, because she was on the road to suicide. Tana Mundkowsky, he said, began to bear the thoughts of suicide.

Tana Mundkowsky is a member of Latin-day Saints’ Church of Jesus Christ

Tana Minkowski is a staunch Mormon with her husband. The family is also featured on the church’s website in a promotional video.