Is actor Keanu Reeves going to propose to his girlfriend of four years, artist Alexandra Grant?

Is actor Keanu Reeves going to propose to his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. It looks like because he was in a Hollywood jewelry store in Los Angeles checking out engagement rings.

Keanu Reeves at a jewelry store in Hollywood

Actor Keanu Reeves is probably soon going to go down on one knee in front of his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. Because he was inside a expensive jewelry store in Hollywood in Los Angeles. The store was in Irene Neuwirth on Melrose Place in West Hollywood. He arrived there in his Arch KRGT-1. And he was in the section of finger rings and checking out some diamond rings.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves checking out engagement rings in a shop in Hollywood (Source: Left oye)

Keanu was in the store for nearly 40 minutes scanning through the variety of rings on display there. The rings were of diamonds, aquamarine, and pearls. Most of these were handmade rings and had gemstones of tourmaline, moonstone, opal, garnet, emerald, tanzanite, aquamarine, or chrysoprase embedded in them.

The relationship of Keanu and Alexandra

Keanu and Alexandra are now dating for the last four years. But they are long-term friends. Alexandra is an artist based in Los Angeles. She explores language through means of colorful, contemporary, and bold paintings. She and Keanu had collaborated with each other on some artistic endeavors in the past.

Keanu Reeves
Alexandra and Keanu Reeves (Source: 24hoursworld)

Their first meeting was in 2009 at a dinner party. They had quite a lot of common interests. Hence they became very good friends. Romance between the two emerged later on. They together wrote the adult picture book Ode to Happiness. In this book, Keanu penned poetry and Alexandra put up great pictures and enhanced it. Again in 2016, they released another book called Shadows. Here Keanu wrote poems that were complimented with Alexandra’s silhouette images. She had taken these images of Keanu when he was working on the set of John Wick.

Again, the next year, they created a publishing company named X Artists’ Books. They attended several art gallery shows together. And were also together for book signings. Their picture together was in Vogue Spain. They went for work to Germany together.

More on the couple’s relationship

In 2018, they had come very close. But they waited for a year before going public about their relationship. Their first public appearance as a couple was at the LACMA Art + Film Gala.

Keanu is a private person. He keeps his private life under wraps. In 1999, he was in a relationship with actress Jennifer Syme. Jennifer was pregnant with their first baby. But they lost the unborn baby at 8 months of age as a stillbirth. It was a daughter who they would have named Ava. Another tragedy occurred and Keanu lost Jennifer in a car accident in April 2001.

Keanu Reeves
Alexandra and actor Keanu Reeves (Source: Left oye)

Keanu was saddened. In May 2010, he was sitting on a bench in a park eating sandwiches. He looked sad in the picture that Splash News photographer Ron Asadorian took of him at that time. And the meme “Sad Keanu” started on the internet. His fans were eager to see him find new live again. They are now happy that Keanu and Alexandra are in a happy space of their lives.

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