Alexia Echevarria and Lisa Hochstein, RHOM stars throw shade on the engagement of their costar, Dr. Nicole Martin!

The two housewives on the show Real Housewives of Miami, Alexia Echevarria and Lisa Hochstein are suspicious about their co-star, Dr. Nicole Martin’s engagement that happened recently. Nicole was all throughout emphasizing that she and her boyfriend, Anthony would never marry. And now comes her engagement announcement online. That means she is set to marry Anthony. Hence everyone were surprised and Alexia and Lisa threw share on Nicole and her engagement timing.

Alexia Echevarria and Lisa Hochstein on WWHL

The reality TV stars, Alexia Echevarria and Lisa Hochstein were on the show Watch What Happens Live hosted by Andy Cohen. The talk cane up about their fellow cast member, Dr. Nicole Martin and her engagement that took place recently. A member of the audience asked Alexia on what she thinks about Nicole’s engagement. The audience member also queried whether she thinks she would be invited for Nicole’s wedding.

Alexia Echevarria
Alexia Echevarria and Lisa on Andy Cohen show (Source: Getty Images)

At this, Alexia said:

“I don’t know, we would have to ask Nicole that, right?”

Andy responded in the affirmative. Alexia added:

“We would have to ask Nicole because I would only be a guest, so I would only want to be there if she would want me to be there.”

On the show, there was a ladies trip to Montauk and there was some tense confrontation between the ladies and especially between Alexia and Nicole.

Nicole and her emphasis on ‘no marriage’

Nicole and her boyfriend, Anthony Lopez kept telling on the show that they were one of those successful couples who are not in favor of marriage. They felt that the stamp of marriage was not necessary for them to tell the world that they are in a lovely relationship. And now, they went on to engage and would marry soon. Hence, her costars on the show were extremely surprised with the couple’s move. Nicole and Anthony are together for past seven years and have a child together.

Alexia Echevarria
Nicole, Anthony, and their child (Source: People)

Andy on his show said:

“Right, and what did you think about… I was so surprised.”

And Alexia agreed saying:

“So was I,”

Andy added:

“I mean all season I mean it was their thing, that they weren’t getting married!”

Further Alexia stated:


“but I think it says a lot about her, because if you’re like, all season saying that you know, you don’t need to get married and you’re in a such great place and its not important to you, I don’t know why you would do that.”

Nicole did not tell about her engagement to anyone on the show

The reality TV star, Nicole told no one on the show directly about her engagement. She told People magazine about it and everyone came to know about it from there. Lisa said:

“Also, I spoke to her three times since she got engaged and she did not tell me. I found out like everyone else-”

Andy asked:


Alexia Echevarria
Alexia Echevarria and Lisa (Source: Pinterest)

Lisa said:

“On People, online, so that’s kind of weird,”

Alexia added:

“So it’s like yeah, it’s just her, her husband, well not her husband yet but like her fiancé, her boyfriend at the time, the baby and like a reporter from People, so it’s like okay, yeah,”

But the two ladies admitted that they are both happy for Nicole. Lisa said:

But I am happy for her,”

Alexia pitched in:

“Yeah, you know, I believe in love. Right, thank you Lisa, we are all happy for her because obviously…”

All three on Andy’s show agreed that the timing of the engagement was not right.