All That You Need To Know About Taylor Lautner: Bio, Facts, Net Worth, Dating Life

Taylor continued on an ordinary level until 2008 when he starred as ‘Jacob Black’ in Twilight alongside Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. He went on to reprise his role in The Twilight Saga film series; The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Taylor Lautner’s Earnings

Taylor Lautner has achieved a whole lot in the course of his blossoming career. The actor has a net worth estimated at a whopping $40 million, a figure for which he has his impeccable skills to thank for.

Lautner made millions of dollars from his role in the Twilight franchise. The actor who earned a million dollars as a salary for his role in the first Twilight production saw his income catapult to $4 million on Twilight Series: New Moon.

For Twilight Saga: Eclipse he earned a whopping 7.5 million. Further building his financial status, Lautner earned $12.5 million for ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’, and this was 7.5% of the grossing income. His Twilight fame not only added more accolades to him but also increased his paycheck. The talented actor is a proud owner of an over $500,000 worth luxury house in Santa Clarita. His classy BMW 5 series which he loves cruising in is worth close to $50,000.

Is Taylor Lautner Gay?

It’s no longer news that the Twilight actor was tagged as a sex symbol in the past. This was due to his shirtless scenes in the Twilight series which became a pleasant topic of discussion for the ladies and probably the ‘gay gents’ too.

Taylor Lautner who worked out every day to stay fit for his roles gained up to 14kg of muscle putting himself on the spot and reportedly taking the movie to greater heights. But the actor has revealed his wish to be distinguished not just for his looks but for his skills also.

Speculations about Lautner’s sexuality had been raised but the actor has debunked the rumors. After several diggings by the media into the sexuality of the actor, it was discovered that Lautner through private personal life has no romantic links with any one of the same sex. He has rather, been linked with a lot of girls most of whom are into showbiz.

In 2013, Taylor Lautner dated Marie Avgeropoulos with whom he co-starred in Tracers. Reports had it that in the early part of 2015 the couple broke up.

He started dating Billie Lourd, also an actress in 2016, but their relationship lasted for only a year. Lautner was rumored to have been in a relationship with pop singer Taylor Swift with whom he starred in the movie Valentine’s Day.