Who is Andy Bassich? Why Did He Get Divorced With His Wife?

Have you been wondering how is Alaska wilderness lonely and dangerous? Can you survive without power, water, and the internet? Were you alone without an inch of light in a dark spot, can you comprehend fear? Well, Star Andy Bassich National Geographic Channel should, and we know because he’s handling the Life Below Zero series.

His is the only man who has been courageous enough for more than ten years in the wilderness and is said to handle 37 sled dogs. His life turned roughly as his wife Kate Rorke had recently been divorced. Here is everything you need to know about one of History’s bravest men.

Andy Bassich’s Biography, Age

In the series Life Below Freezing, on National Geographic Channel Star, Andy Bassich is known for his American musher and television personality. He is still on his way with his dogs to various locations in the wilderness of Alaska.

Andy was born in 1959 and was brought up there, somewhere in Washington DC. Things for his family were not rosy, so he began to trade as a carpenter to support him with financial matters. He had a flair for education and attended John, as rough as life had been at that time. F Kennedy High School but because of financial instability could not go to college. He’s an American and also a white heritage guy.

Andy Bassich worked for a while as a carpenter and became very involved with hunting and raising dogs. Andy also wanted to move to Alaska, where he began working as a musher and made other great jobs. He enjoyed working as a musher in the television show Life Below Zero which showed the likes of Soledad O’ Brien and Ciril Jazbec. He soon took part in the show.

Andy Bassich was also very involved in the Television Series and started shows like Chip, Agnes Hailstone, Jessie Holmes, Sue Aikens, and the rest. Andy Bassich also took a look at other shows. He never reported a bad ordeal in his days in Alaska until 2009, when a flood broke out in the wild. In a twinkling eye, he saw his property washed by a river, all of which brought him back to life. He rebuilt his life from the ground up but also took precautionary steps to prevent any other flood mishap.

Andy Bassich is known for his lavish life despite being living in the wilderness and it is clear that he receives an immense sum of money from his roles in various series. As a musher, he charges approximately $2,500 per person and receives more than $ 10,000 for his television series Live Below Zero.

Andy Bassich’s Wife

We would love to hear your love story before we tell you what happened to his mom. In 2003, when Kate came to Alaska Wilderness as a tourist, Andy Bassich met Kate Rorke Bassich when he was working as a riverboat captain. They fell in love, formed a friendship, and eventually united.

Andy Bassich With His Ex-patner

As the saying goes, it just knows where it hurts who wears the shoe. In the meanwhile, behind the curtains, the couple depicted a perfect union between themselves. By 2015, they could no longer pretend, breaking their fans’ hearts, when they published a divorce on one of the TV series Life Below Zero.

Which eventually resulted in his wife’s divorce?

Brows were raised because, although the display of affection displayed by a couple on the television, their friends really wanted to know the reasons behind their divorce. Kate Bassich recorded Andy Bassich’s emotional and physical violence and torture. She tried as a woman within her control and hoped her marriage would be stronger, but it got harder as the years passed, so she decided to withdraw from the union.

Later, it took nearly a year to divorce them before they were legally divorced. Kate left the wilderness of Alaska for 10 years, following their split. She left the cold and depression of her ex-husband. Kate currently stated her plans to travel to Canada in an interview with dailytwocents.com.