Who is Charlie Zelenoff? Know All About His Age, bio, Career, Relationship, Facts

The Russian American champion Charlie Zelenoff is an independently acclaimed boxer who is the best in the world and prides himself on record. He challenges his rivals to a boxing match, then strikes them suddenly, as the battle is still underway. This always catches his competitor off balance and he will prove himself to be the winner.

This has been his trademark for many years and was tried on a large number of boxers, including the famous Floyd Mayweather Sr. Stay on our website, as we offer you the organic value, net value, and facts of the world’s best boxer Charlie Zelenoff.

Who is Charlie Zelenoff?

Charlie Zelenoff was born on 27 July 1988 in Los Angeles, California. Charles Peter Zelenoff is his birth name. Many people know him as Z-Money or as Charlie Z. Information about the identity, survival, and siblings of his parents are not known as this champion has not yet made it clear.

Furthermore, his educational past is hidden by mystery, but from the titbits, we learn that his high school studies were conducted at Fairfax School in Los Angeles and that he was at Santa Monica College, his social media account suggested that this Knowledge cannot be confirmed at present.

After Charlie Zelenoff has failed to obtain the requisite signature from renowned boxers, he has tried to get the publicity he wants from the internet. He easily swept through most gymnastics and training camps, always confronting men who are larger than he is when he went to his sessions, which he eventually posted online on his YouTube or social media handles.

He claimed to be the world champion in boxing and has a fake title belt UBF WORLD CHAMPION. The Troll Boxer has a Charlie Zelenoff TV YouTube channel, which has more than 53k subscribers and his supposed winners are being downloaded. Since its launch in September 2017, the channel has already seen 32 million users.

The reality is that he often lures his rivals by paying them. His reported victories are real. As they brace themselves for the fight, he sprinkles an unexpected assault, picks them up, and turns to the camera to say that he is the winner after the battle.

Deontay Wilder, World Boxing Champion, Deric the Giant, Dejon Daniels, etc., is top of the list of boxers he has challenged and fought. He fought with Andrew Hartley, a fight he gloriously lost, the only professionals he ever fought.

Who is Charlie Zelenoff Married to?

Charlie Zelenoff married Diara, unexpectedly. Many people believe that Charlie is deluded, but not his wife. She’s his first fan and offers him all of his love.

There is no public knowledge of how they met or how they married, but the pair are clearly enjoying a very happy life with them. And for a while, they were at it too. Diara Zelenoff publicly showed her love for her husband when he was present in his ‘163rd victory’ on one of his many YouTube videos.

How Much Does Charlie Zelenoff Earn?

Besides his self-acclaimed boxer conquests, Charlie Zelenoff is not speaking other things. He has therefore yet to demonstrate his true net value. However, the net worth of some media outlets ranged from $155,000 to $1 million – at the moment, the exact amount cannot be verified. He made the wealth from his YouTube channel, according to some tabloids. He is currently staying with his parents because he has no own home.

More Facts About Charlie Zelenoff

1. His record of boxing

His boxing career is unbeatable, Zelenoff says, 240-0. BoxRec.com reported his record was 0-1, however, as his very first professional boxing attempt in the Worldwide Division against Andrew Hartley was disqualified.

2. Struck by Mayweather Snr and a 16-year-old.

The trolling champion once raged to disable any rival with his ‘4500 PSI’ power shots. Yeah, with a few boxers, that didn’t go down well. So a thrashing of a 16-year old boy he once challenged won him some serious money. The boy thrashed him into and out of the ring and began to bleed abundantly all over his face. Floyd Mayweather Sr. taught him boxing lessons that in a hurry he won’t forget.

3. The boxing world has overlooked him

This 5-foot 11-inch-larger troll boxer is astonishing to almost all. The boxing universe is still not abandoned. But he wasn’t dismayed, because he still considers himself “the world’s best boxer.”

4. Arrested on allegations of malpractice

The LASD West Hollywood Police arrested Charlie Zelenoff for a misdemeanor on 17 January 2019. He’s been charged with battery and pizza attacks that he and unknown men he has encountered at the gym have been delivered with a pizza.