Greg Gutfeld’s Age, Bio, Career, Married Life With Wife Elena Moussa

Greg Gutfeld is a well-established American TV producer with over 10 years’ career in the television industry. He is a man of many talents, whose comedy, journalism, and publishing works make extra money. The Five and the host of the weekly politics show The Greg Gutfeld Show frequently appears on the Fox News Channel as a panelist and host for the political speech show The Fifth.

Gregory John Gutfeld was born in San Mateo, California, and has collaborated with famous brands. The personality of TV is one of the most influential media writers in the world. His accomplishments in the media industry have created many’s interests outside his career in his life.

Gutfeld’s divisive comments on some subjects atypically for men in his profession have seen him criticized and attracted attention on his private life.

Greg Gutfeld’s Early Life

Immediately after his college degree, Greg Gutfeld started paddling his own canoe. He has served as an author and editor in a variety of organizations including Rodale Press, Dennis Publishing, Prävention Magazine, Men’s Health, and The American Spectator. During this time, Gutfeld was not in any known relationship, as he kept personal and love life details private.

The popular host also lived in London for three years as an editor for Maxim Magazine UK. He traveled along the road with his future wife Elena Moussa during his lifetime.

Greg Gutfeld And His Wife Elena Moussa In Maxim Magazine

Gutfeld and Elena first met at Maxim Magazine in London in 2004. Moussa worked at Maxim Russia as a photo editor while at the time of their meeting Greg was a Maxim UK editor. On a business trip from Russia to the United Kingdom, their roads crossed Elena. The pair immediately came together to develop an extraordinary friendship after finding each other fascinating, which has now spanned over a decade.

Elena Moussa’s Career

To a great extent, Elena’s transition from modeling and journalism to a tech environment made the couple’s meeting possible, which ultimately contributed to their relationship. Greg’s wife was a famous runway model before becoming Maxim as a photo editor who collaborated with influential designers and who graced cover coverage of outstanding fashion magazines.

While Moussa still has to know why she has transferred her attention to photo editing, we can’t agree with the fact that destiny has really been a partner for the pair.

Greg Gutfeld’s Married Life

Elena is no doubt a good woman for the Libertarian, as she is a loving wife to support Greg’s successful career. The photo editor and her husband live together at their best, with no signs that they will abandon one another in the future.

In the presence of family and friends in New York City, the couple began their marital journey in December 2004, when the knots were tied. They spent three years living in London and then relocated to New York City to continue their jobs. Despite spending more than ten years together, Greg and his wife still have children.

Moussa is very fond of each other with her husband. They spend quality time together at home and often linger in public places when they don’t get busy with work. The pair also enjoy exhibits, journeys worldwide, and free time to visit their families and friends.

Details about people they date before they meet each other are not public knowledge since this is an aspect of their personal life that they have not opened up.

Trace the history of Moussa and life before fame
Elena owes the growth of her popularity to Greg Gutfeld’s marriage in the USA. She was not introduced to the public until she settled with the love of her life. The photo editor was born in Russia on the 4th of May 1982, to amazing parents who raised her in the area for some time and later moved to London.

After graduating from high school, Moussa studied at the New York Fashion Institute of Technology as well as the Parson School of Design, where she acquired more knowledge about fashion.

The wife of Greg is a fashion enthusiast. She developed a keen interest in both modeling and fashion from a very early age and eventually became a runaway model, working with several Russian brands and designers.

Currently, she earns a living through photo editing and fashion business after taking a leap from the modeling world to explore opportunities in the tech and fashion worlds. The Russian native owns a fashion store called ‘Moussa Project’, a fashion shop/showroom she launched in May 2011. Elena is well-known on the webspace as well; she has thousands of followers on her social media pages where she shares lovely photos of herself, her job, and her family.

Is Greg Gutfeld gay?

Greg Gutfeld is not only known for being vocal and sarcastic but also as an advocate for the LGBT community. This apparently explains why most people think he has a romantic interest in people of his own gender.

As an advocate for gay rights, Greg has severally shared his view on gay marriage. He once argued that conservatives should consider using gay marriage “against the left.” The TV personality mentioned this on The Five during one of his panel appearances.

Greg Gutfeld also mentioned in 2010 that he has plans of erecting the first Islamic gay bar in New York City, precisely next to the Park51 Islamic community ground.
Sometime in 2009, the media mogul got many Canadians angry as a result of his controversial and satirical statement during a segment broadcast with his panel. He later apologized to them after the then Defence Minister Peter MacKay demanded an apology from Fox.

To the best of our knowledge, the Fox News Channel staff is not gay neither has he been linked to men both in the past and present. Gutfeld’s sexuality may have raised questions in several quarters but he has never given the rumors any attention. He seems to be unbothered by the gossip since it has no basis.