Isela Sule

Isela Sule is a popular American social media personality. She is well known on the internet for her hilarious comedy videos and lip-syncs she posts on Tiktok.

When was Isela Sule born?

Isela Sule was born on the 27th of December, 2002 in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. As of now, her age is 18. Her nationality is American but she has not revealed her ethnicity as of now.

Isela has not revealed anything about her parents, not even their names. She has also not said anything about her siblings, so she might be a single child. The only family she has revealed to the internet is her niece Ava, who has appeared on her Instagram account. We know that she was raised in Tucson but other than that, not much information is available on her childhood.

Talking about her education, she was studying in Tucson High School. She has not said any more than that as of now. But judging by her age, she has most probably graduated or is in the senior year of high school.

How did Isela Sule rise to fame?

Isela started her rise to fame through her Tiktok account. She used her great sense of humor and cheerful personality to her advantage and posted a lot of entertaining videos on the platform. These videos were loved by the audience and she managed to grow her account in a really short amount of time. Her first video was on Tiktok was uploaded on January 2020, and just a year later in January 20021, she has already amassed over 689k followers and over 19 million likes on her account.

She uploads a lot of comedy videos and lip-syncs on her channel. She is openly homosexual and her content really reflects that. And due to this and the confidence, she displays, the fanbase of Tiktok love her even more. Isela also features her girlfriend Hania in a lot of her Tiktoks and these videos are also really entertaining. Isela also had an impressive fanbase on Instagram but it seems like she has deactivated her account at this time.

What is Isela Sule’s net worth?

Isela Sule has not revealed her net worth or annual salary as of now.

What are Isela Sule’s physical statistics?

Isela is blessed with good looks and has a slim and balanced figure. Her hair and eyes are both black in color and she also wears braces for her teeth. Isela has not revealed her other physical statistics such as her height, weight, and body measurements as of now.

Who is Isela Sule dating?

Isela is a lesbian and currently in a relationship with her girlfriend Hania. Hania is frequently featured on her Tiktoks and the two seem very close. Recently, there have been rumors of the couple breaking up but this not been confirmed explicitly by either Hania or Isela.

Social Media

Isela is not very active on social media currently. She used to have over 118k followers on her Instagram account but she has deactivated the account right now. Isela is still available on Twitter with over 700 followers but she hasn’t been very active recently.

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