What Happended to K-Pop Group Triple H? Where Are The Members Now?; Hyuna,Hui, E’Dwan

Triple H was one of the k-pop scene’s most promising acts. Founding in 2017, Hyuna, Hui, and E’Dawn were three-member community co-eds composed of three experienced idols and were committed to the retro and radio-infused music of fans.

Their Music Videos, which bravely discuss taboo subjects, earned critical applause too. Sadly, Triple H dissolved in 2018 and many of its fans were heartbreaking. Why, then, has such a loved band dissolved? Who were the Triple H members? The following response to all these and more questions.

Who were the Triple H members?


Hyuna was chief, lead dancer, lead singer, lead rapper, and group visual. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, on 6 June 1992. She studied at the University of Korean Music and Arts and at Konkuk.

Hyuna was already well known as a member of different girl groups including Wonder Girls (2007) and 4 minutes (2009 – 2016) before joining Triple H.

A good solo career also took place for the singer/rapper. In 2010, she dropped her single debut “Change.” This one was successful and prompted her to release Bubble Pop, her first EP! 2011. 2011. The lead single of Youtube and Spin Magazine was over 100 million insight and one of the top 20 songs of 2011.

Since then, other solos, as Melting, A Chat, A+, Awesome, and following, have been released from the Triple H Member. At the Melon Music Awards in 2012, she also received many awards, including the Global Star Award.


Hui was the group’s principal vocalist. Born in Gwacheon, South Korea, on 28 August 1993. He was a Modern K Academy member.

The singer studied under different brands, including JYP Entertainment and Cube Entertainment. Initially, Until he became a boy band member in 2016, he has participated in several project groups. In their first year alone, Pentagon dropped two EPs, Pentagon, and Five Senses.

The two EPs were excellent and Billboard called the band one of the 10 best new 2016 k-pop artists. Hui and his bandmates released more than seven EPs after that excellent first year. They also toured and received many awards violently.

In TV shows such as Breakers, King of the Mask Sings, and The Call he was featured on an individual basis. For some other plays, he also wrote songs, including Kriesha Chu.

E’ Dawn

Both E’Dawn and the group’s lead dancer were the main rappers. Born in Hwasungun, South Korea, on 1 June 1994. E’Dawn was also a Pentagon member, much like Hui. The rapper/dancer, Pentagon Creator, took part in the show but was cut along the way.

Fortunately, he was eventually welcomed back to the group’s final line-up.

In October 2016, the Triple H member debuted with Pentagon and played a key role in strong group results. However, because of complications with Cube Entertainment, he was forced to leave the band in 2018. Since then he has joined P-Nation and debuted solo with the song, Money in November 2019.

Why was the Disband Group?

The intimate relationship between the two participants led to a breakdown of Triple H. Romantic relations in the k-pop world are normal to bring the situation into perspective. Fans see it as some sort of disloyalty as regular Idol contracts come with clauses restricting the date of the idols or any other individual before the contract has ended.

However, reports that Hyuna and E’Dawn were dating began in August 2018. Their record label refuted rumors, but they were washed by the two participants. They conducted an interview in which they confessed to have been together for two years, beginning in May 2016.

This confirmed that all Triple H promotional events were canceled by Cube Entertainment. The label then announced that because of a breach of confidence, they have terminated the agreements of the pair.

This decision led to fans blowback who accused the couple of wrongly treating them. Some people also said Hyuna was much longer than their new CEO with Cube Entertainment.

This surge of criticism forced the label to quit briefly but the die was cast. In October 2018 Hyuna was sacked, and in November 2018 E’Dawn took over. The departure of the two led to Hui becoming only one member of the Triple H, remaining and to the death of the party.