Kim Kardashian on errands in LA appears downcast after her online exchange of words with ex-husband, Ye West!

On Friday 4 February 2022, the cold war between Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband, Ye West heated up on social media. It was a to and fro of words. A few hours later, Kim was seen in LA but she looked dejected.

Kim Kardashian appears downcast in LA

After war of words on social media between Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband, Ye West, Kim was spotted in Los Angeles running her errands. She appeared downcast and sad. The topic of their fight was about Ye accusing Kim of kidnapping their daughter North. He alleged that she had put North on TikTok against his will and without his consent.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Kim was alone this time. She had tied her hair tight into a back high plait and was wearing a black feather-filled puffy jacket (North face brand) to brave the cold. Kim had worn clinging leggings. She was holding a Manila folder and hopped into a white Rolls Royce. Her eyes were protected in black sunglasses. Kim was probably thinking a lot and had something going on in her mind at that time.

Ye West and his return to LA

On Friday, Ye returned to Los Angeles from New York city. He was there with his new girlfriend, Julia Fox. Later in the day, Ye had walked into a studio. He was in all black attire and in a boat, hoodie, and jeans. He was also wearing large Red Wing boots.

Kim Kardashian
Ye West (Source: Daily Mail UK)

In New York, he spend time with Julia and gave her a large number of gifts too. Julia had posted intimate photos of herself with Ye in the designer store. Later, she had also clarified that she truly lives Ye and his antics. She added that she is saying him neither for fame nor for money. She had said that all her life she has dated billionaires.

The actual reason of recent Kim-Ye tussle

The online fight between the ex-couple started when Ye uploaded photo of North, 8 on his Instagram captioned it:

‘Since this is my first divorce I need to know what should I do about my daughter being put on TikTok against my will?’

This enraged Kim and she slammed him on social media. Kim was angry at his constant attacks on her. She alleged that Ye was giving her and her family pain. She also stated that she was the main caregiver:

“I am doing my best to protect our daughter while also allowing her to express her creativity in the medium that she wishes with adult supervision – because it brings her happiness.”

Kim Kardashian
North on TikTok (Source: Daily Mail UK)

At this, Ye responded:

‘What do you mean by main provider ? America saw you try to kidnap my daughter on her birthday by not providing the address.’

‘You put security on me inside of the house to play with my son then accused me of stealing I had to take a drug test after Chicago’s party cause you accused me of being on drugs. Tracy Romulus stop manipulating Kim to be this way.’

Just one month back, Ye had emphasized on a podcast that he will not approve of North to be on the social media. Kim and North together has a TikTok account with 5.5 million followers and it was started in November 2021. And in the account bio there is a mention that the account is managed by an adult (mother Kim).

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