Fun Facts About Linda Phan: Age, Bio, Siblings, Career, Husdand

When she met Drew Scott of the fame of Property Brothers, Linda Phan’s professional life took a turn for the better.

As a proverbial wave of magic, she has gone from being a barista at Cineplex to being a creative director at Scott Brothers Entertainment—a multinational manufacturing corporation that oversees many facets of the empire of Property Brothers.

Since then, she has been dating and marrying her soul partner, Drew, and is currently experiencing a successful career in the enterprise of her husband.

Linda’s background in architecture and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship has become an advantage for Scott Brothers Entertainment, bringing creativity and a unique perspective to the business.

Although working together can have a negative impact on a relationship between a couple, in her and her guy, it has proved exactly the opposite. Their romance helps them interact with each other all the more.

Linda Phan’s Age, Bio, Siblings

Born in Toronto on 22 April 1985, Linda Phan was a Canadian of Asian descent. Even though after her union with Scott she succeeded in gaining fame, the specifics of her family’s background have always been kept under lock. It has, however, been public to worship the younger brother and three older sisters one named April Phan, along with four siblings.

The media’s personality with her siblings remains very silly to date and sometimes shares their pictures on her Instagram profile. At her wedding, they were there too, and they even helped choose her dresses.

Linda Phan was first in a Cineplex theater as a Barista

Linda Phan obviously stood out in her university as a young child. While specifics of her early education and university qualifications are difficult to come by, she is well known to have studied architecture up to her postgraduate degree. She is considered to have been a Barista at a Cineplex theater her very first job.

According to the personality of the media, she was more than satisfied with the job when it came to seeing loads of film trailers because she is very fond of movie trailers. Disney is another great fan of Phan. From her films to the Walt Disney Theme Park, she enjoys everything from the franchise. She also revealed that A Whole New World from Aladdin is her favorite karaoke song.

Linda Phan Now is Scott Brother’s Entertainment Company creative director

Phan met her husband before he hit fame is important to remember. In reality, the year he and his twin brother started lunching on Canadian cable with their first TV show, Property Brothers. The show was later taken up by HGTV, the famous American channel, and became a household show.

Property Brothers currently airs and spinning many spin-offs in more than 100 countries. The two brothers have also built an empire of goods, mechanics, books, magazines, mobile apps, games, and what you have.

One who has this success is nothing but Phan. One who has this success. She is the creative director of Scott Brother’s Entertainment Company and is responsible for managing a variety of projects in this role, including digital campaigns, product and commodity lines, marketing campaigns, and philanthropic efforts.

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How Did Linda Phan Meet Drew Scott?

At Toronto Fashion week 2010, Linda Phan ran for her next husband, Drew Scott. She was employed as a fashion police officer at the event, and she wore a big cop badge while handing out disgusting tickets. Scott noted, of course, her unusual outfit and that she had a very good personality. He also took her down and wanted to look for her.

Scott caught Phan with her sisters and drank water in a first step that was called not-so-smooth, and asked her from where she could get her water.

This question, while a bit lame, paved the way for their discussions, and Scott promised Phan a date by the end of the case. The two later would begin on a first date that began with sushi and chocolate and then went on to a party for the whole night.

When he opened his mouth and began to chant, “I’m on a boat on lonely islands, Phan was a Goner,” he volunteered for the karaoke. At the shindig.

She would admit later that she fell in love with her man for the first time on several occasions. Scott himself revealed that the moment that Phan realized he was the person to hang out with his twin brother, Jonathan, and a close friend of his nickname Pedro was his. She synched with the clique immediately, he says, and the deal for him was done.

In 2018 they attached the knot to marriage in Italy

Scott raised Linda Phan in December 2016 after six years of dating. He selected an Italian restaurant in Toronto for the recommendation and arranged for the staff to play Train’s Marry Me cover version of his own.

Then they brought a cake with the theme of Dr. Seuss, and he came to his knee to make the 1.2-carat ring solitaire he had been wearing for so long. Phan said yes, fortunately for him, and then took her to a surprise fellowship party, with their two groups of relatives, family, and family.

Phan and Scott are now husband and wife who have tied their knots to a lovely wedding in Italy on 12 May 2018. There were many enjoyable events for the couple and their guests during the wedding festivities themselves. They have a cycling tour, cooking classes, and a welcoming party with craft booths and cheeses. All this ended in an enchanting ceremony where some 300 guests were given the opportunity to exchange their vows.

The bride was shocked by Claire Pettibone’s wedding dress as the groom was born by Claymore Imports. He later became a custom tux for the reception, while Phan put another gown designed by Pettibone similarly. The entire ceremony is magical with dance, music, and good food. Even nature was also part of the wedding by offering the couple clever blue skies.

The couple look to the next future to start a family

The nuptials and Linda Phan and her husband have been solid for around two years. In Los Angeles, the couple has announced that they plan to have children in the near future. He thinks his wife will be an awesome mom, and he hopes also of a big father, according to Scott.

The couple practice babysitting their nieces and nephews in preparation for this next step of their lives. They have also renovated their homes for future children.

Phan and her husband keep working as they wait to start their family. They also pursue other initiatives in charity. The couple firmly believes that one ought to support them whenever it is possible, and they ask their wedding guests not to give them donations to a charity. The couple also embarked on a volunteer trip to Kenya in 2017, helping vulnerable people with a non-profit.


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