“Lust, not love”: Pamela Anderson wed her fourth husband Dan Hayhurst for wrong reasons!

A lot of talk is going on in town and the world about Pamela Anderson and her fifth divorce from her fourth husband, Dan Hayhurst. The two were living together in her home in Vancouver Island in Canada. Why did the marriage not work? Sources close to her have said that Pamela realized that she wed Dan for wrong reasons. This led to their split just a year after their intimate wedding.

Lust, not love: reason for Pamela Anderson getting close to Dan

It may be recalled that Dan Hayhurst was the bodyguard of model cum actress Pamela Anderson. She has now divorced Dan a year after their wedding. Pamela has put in her legal papers for the divorce on 20 January 2022. She is now reflecting on her divorce from Dan. What went wrong, she is thinking.

Pamela Anderson
Dan with Pamela Anderson (Source: News Au)

A source revealed her feelings:

Pamela got married to Dan for the wrong reasons. She was in lust, not love. And because they were in the middle of a pandemic, he really helped to get her through that dark time,”

The insider added:

They quarantined together and it was beautiful. The emotions were so raw and he was exactly what Pamela needed at the time. But right before the holidays, Pamela realized that this wasn’t working for either one of them,”

Pamela did not like living in Canada

The actress is a California girl. She likes the vibrant American soil and prefers it to Canada. She was not comfortable in Canada at Vancouver Island. The source added:

“First off, she did not like living in Canada. She is a California girl through and through and not being close to her sons really got to her.”


Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson (Source: Getty Images)

Additionally, Pamela likes to stay near her two sons: Brandon and Dylan. Not having them around made her upset and she yearned to get back to California. Another source added that Pamela’s sons understand their mother well. They know that she can live only on her terms. She cannot settle for anything less. The insider stated:

Brandon and Dylan trust that their mom knows what’s best for her and that she makes the best decisions for herself. They’re proud that she is able to know what she wants in someone and would never settle for less. They know their mom thought this marriage would last forever, so they’re disappointed for her that it didn’t work out but they love their mom and whatever makes her happy makes them happy.”

The sons are happy that she is back in Los Angeles and they will be able to spend some quality time with her again. They are very supportive of her and her actions no matter what.

Pamela and Dan-where their relationship stands now?

The couple Pamela and Dan have broken but there is no bad blood between the two. The first source said:

It is over and the divorce is going through but there is no bad blood.  You won’t hear either one of them talking bad about the other one. It just didn’t work anymore.”

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson and Dan (Source: News Au)

They are not a couple but continue to be friends. On Christmas Eve 2020, the couple wed in a private small ceremony held at her home in Vancouver Island in Canada. The two had started dating in September 2020. This was 7 months after Pamela separated for the second time from her first husband, Jon Peters.

Dan and Pamela stayed in Vancouver Island until now. Now, she is back in Malibu and enjoying it. She also has removed her wedding ring. So it’s all over from her side.

Short bio on Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is a Canadian-American model, actress, and animal rights activist. More bio…