Model Turned Businessman Miranda Pak Gets Proposal From Her Ex-husband

Actor Terrence Howard from Hollywood builds a name for his ex-females. In 2005, his first former person, Lori McCommas, was the first in this kind of occurrence. In 2003, after being married for 14 years the pair had previously divorced.

History would repeat itself once again in December 2018, when the Empire star re-submitted his third ex-wife, Miranda Pak. Find out how much Miranda Pak has to know, including her exact timeline of how she deals with Howard.

Formed on 1 June 1977 in Vancouver, Canada, Miranda Cristine Pak. She is Canadian and US-based and has Korean heritage.

Pak has not disclosed specifics of her childhood, especially her parent’s identity and whether she has any siblings. However, her family will be sure to be proud of all the hard work and dedication she has managed to achieve. Ms. Pak completes her Secondary Degree before graduating from the renowned New York University in terms of her education history.


Further Facts on the ex-wife of Terrence Howard

1. Miranda Pak is a model turned into a businessman.

Miranda Pak, who is of course beautiful, has studied professional modeling in universities. She is reported to have worked for HIN (Hot Import Nights), a renowned car show with bright displays of the best-selling vehicles. The event also involves magnificent models advertising the goods and displays by different companies and magazines.

Pak took part at the 2012 HIN, in which the women’s magazine Vanity was promoted as a model. Miranda Pak has recently reduced her modeling career and is now a businessman. It has a restaurant in Santa Ana, California, called Shabu Shabu Bar. There are contemporary Japanese dishes served in the restaurant.


2. Miranda Pak Marriage with Terrence Howard

Miranda Pak met her husband for the first time when she dined at a former L.A boss. 2013 restaurant. According to the legend, the actor walked confidently up at her table and said he did not know if she is his wife or girlfrient, but he knew Pak was amazing.

Pak noted that he was very audacious and the actor responded that only one tiger could approach another. Three weeks later, in October 2013, the pair started a romantic relationship that culminated in them connecting the nut. The ceremony took place in Vancouver, Canada, and was a private affair.

Unfortunately, Pak and Howard were married in August 2014 only for less than a year prior to their separation. In July 2015, the two were formally divorced.


3. Couple’s Children

Their first child, the son Qirin Love Howard on May 7, 2015, was greeted by Miranda Pak and Terrence Howard. In July 2015, two months later the pair had already been disconnected and completed the divorce.

The couple had a close friendship, despite their separation and divorce, and the rumors of a future meeting were raised. For example, at the 2015 Emmys, the pair turned up with a joint red carpet.

They also saw some PDA at a fundraising event in October 2015 in California. Howard also posted a happy birthday tweet describing Pak as the love of his life. It was not shocking, therefore, that the couple welcomed a second child named Hero, in 2016.


4. Miranda Pak and Terrence Howard Got Engaged For the Second Time

During a dinner at Crustacean Beverly Hills, the Empire star again raised the big question. Howard claimed in a video posted on his Instagram handle that it took him 45 years to find Pak and that he spent the rest of the eternity on his side now. The actor also shared his hope that everyone would find himself lucky enough to complete it since it means everything.

Though Miranda Pak and Terrense Howard are still binding again, Mrs. Howard wasn’t tentative to reveal her commitment ring, both former and potential. The precious stone is a gold ring of 7 carats, full of diamonds. It was made by Ben Baller, the popular jeweler.


5. Miranda Pak Has Been Victim of Domestic Abuse

From 1989 to 2003, Terrence Howard had married Lori McCommas before. In 2003, they divorced, remarried back in 2005, and broke up in 2007. Cases of domestic violence have hit the couple’s union.

In 2001, for example, Howard was arrested for the aggressive attack, intimidation, stalking, threats, and Lori’s abuse. He had been pushed into her house, chased her, and hit in her face by the police.

The police disclosed he had. A similar trend replicated with the Philippines/Americans Michelle Ghent during Howard’s second marriage. Ghent claimed that the actor had induced, harassed, and stalked her physically. Before their final divorce in 2013, she received two restraining orders against him.