Nikki Sanderson and Anthony Quinlan are dating! Know their past relationships!

The Sun reports that actress Nikki Sanderson is dating actor Anthony Quinlan for a while now. Their common love for fitness and gym led to them coming close and entering into a romantic relationship.

Nikki Sanderson and Anthony Quinlan are dating

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The latest news is that actress from Hollyoaks, Nikki Sanderson has a new boyfriend. He is Emmerdale firmer star, Anthony Quinlan. An insider revealed 5h8s piece of exciting news to The Sun. The source told:

Nikki and Anthony go to the same gym and are really into fitness, so they bonded over that.

“It’s been a while now and things are going well.

“Nikki has been having a bit of a tough time lately, and Anthony has been a great support for her.”

Nikki Sanderson
Nikki Sanderson and Anthony Quinlan are dating (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Neither Nikki nor Anthony have opened up about this new relationship between them. The pair chose to keep this under wraps for the time being. They have neither confirmed not denied these rumors until now. But one thing is for sure; their relationship has only grown stronger over the months.

Nikki and her past relationships

Nikki, 37 was in a relationship with Greg Whitehurst from 2015. The start was controversial since Nikki was a guest at Greg’s wedding. And just 10 months after this wedding, she began dating him. But Nikki had cleared her side in an interview to OK magazine the same year. She said:

“Greg’s] been blamed for something he didn’t do… in reality there was a third party who split them up on the other side.

‘It ended through no fault of Greg’s. People say, ”Well, I wouldn’t want to be her mate because she’d steal my boyfriend.” I’d never do anything like that.”

Nikki Sanderson
Nikki Sanderson (Source: Daily Mail UK)

She also revealed that she and Greg got together after he split from his wife, Sarah. She stated:

“I have known Greg and his family for many years. Greg’s marriage ended in January, it was a very difficult time for him during which all of his friends and family supported him.”

But in July 2020, Greg and Nikki split. She told The Sun at that time:

“Sadly Greg and I have decided to separate. We remain friends and wish the best for each other in the future.”

She added that they remain friends. The publication also stated that Greg is now on the dating app Bumble. Nikki was also in a relationship with Danny Young from 2005 to February 2009 when they broke off.

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Anthony and his past relationships

Actor Anthony who is 37 now was dating Michelle Keegan but they split in 2008. Later, he dated Strictly’s Dianne Buswell from 2017 to 2018.

Nikki Sanderson
Anthony Quinlan (Source: Daily Mail UK)

When they split, people commented that it is a Strictly curse. But Anthony corrected all of them by saying:

“We’re still really good friends – it’s just distance played a part.

‘There were all these rumours about the Strictly curse but it wasn’t that.”