Noa Pothoven

Noa Pothoven was a Dutch mental health activist and author.

Noa Pothoven was a Dutch mental health activist and author. Pothoven suffered several sexual assaults and molestation while growing up that led her to suffer from several mental health issues. She suffered from complex post-traumatic stress disorder, anorexia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, a personality disorder, self-harm, and psychosis. She had many unsuccessful suicide attempts.

She voluntarily asked for death, euthanasia. Her public statements about her wish to die sparked global controversy. She stopped eating and drinking in May 2019 eventually took her last breath in June 2019. She died at the age of 17. While at the hospital, she started writing a diary, which was eventually published as an autobiography, Winnen of Leren (English title: Winning or Learning). In her autobiography, which was released in 2018, she discussed her hardships and battle related to mental health issues.

What was Noa Pothoven Famous For?

  • A mental health activist who suffered sexual abuse in her childhood and teenage attempted numerous unsuccessful suicides, asked for voluntary death, eventually died at the age of 17.

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Who are the parents of Noa Pothoven?

Back in her early life, Noa was born on 8 December 2001. Her birthplace is in Arnhem in the Netherlands. She held Dutch nationality. She belonged to white ethnicity. She was born to a mother, Lisette Pothoven Kloppenburg. Information about her father is not available. She had two younger siblings. Her religion was Christianity.

Noa Pothoven Sexual Abuse

  • Noa Pothoven wrote an autobiography, Winnen of Leren. The book was published in 2018. She was only 16 when her book was released.
  • According to her autobiography, Pothoven was sexually assaulted at a school party when she was 11 years old.
  • She was again sexually assaulted when she was 12 at a teenagers’ party.
  • She also revealed in her book that she was raped by two men in Arnhem’s Elderveld district when she was 14.
  • She never told her parents about the rapes. Her parents discovered the incident after they read Pothoven’s farewell letters. The incidents led to her suffer from several mental health issues.
  • She revealed in her book that she spent several months in an isolation cell and she was forced to wear a paper dress so she would not be able to hang herself with it. She was under constant camera surveillance.
  • She had already made numerous unsuccessful suicide attempts.
  • She wrote a guest article and poem for the website of vocational university Hogeschool Leiden in April 2019 to bring attention to youth mental health care.

Noa Pothoven Death

  • Pothoven who suffered from PTSD and had been advocating for mental health made several public statements about her wish to die. She had voluntarily asked to die, euthanasia.
  • Her assisted suicide was refused due to her age. She had requested over 20 hospitals for voluntary suicide.
  • She stopped eating and drinking in May 2019. She had previously been put into an induced coma in 2018 so doctors could feed her through a feeding tube.
  • Her parents decided to respect her decision and provided Pothoven with only palliative care.
  • Pothoven made a final Instagram post on 30 May 2019. She wrote, “After years of battling and fighting, I am drained. I have quit eating and drinking for a while now, and after many discussions and evaluations, it was decided to let me go because my suffering is unbearable.”
  • She spent her last days in a hospital bed. Her sister confirmed her death on 2 June 2019. She was only 17 when she died.
  • It was reported by news outlets that she died through an assisted suicide under the Dutch euthanasia law. Some media reported that she was given a lethal injection.

Noa Pothoven Height

Noa Pothoven stood at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Similarly, She had a pair of dark brown eyes and blonde hair color.

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