Interesting Life Events on Nydia Stone: Age, Bio, Career, Early Life, Marriage, Relationship, Social Media

Like her important fellow-man, Nydia Stone is a political and political stranger. While she has an impressive résumé and her own success, Nydia is best recognized as the wife of Roger Stone, a GOP policy adviser, and strategist. More recently, after aggressively championing his favor, the former model and photographer, who has been married for almost thirty years, demonstrated her support of husband number one. Detailed facts on Stone’s wife are presented here.

Nydia Stone’s Age, Schooling, Early Life, Bio

Nydia Stone (nee Bertran), originally from Cuba, was born on 8 May 1946. Being an influential political figure before the Fidel Castro regime, she was comfortable in upbringing. After her family moved to the United States due to communist rule in her hometown, however, things changed.

After her family moved to the United States, Stone ditched work school. She worked first as a model for advertising and local campaigns. But a few years later, Nydia found out she liked more than just working behind the camera. Fortunately, from her modeling career, she had saved enough money to make a good camera for your new love.

It was quite easy to move from modeling to photography. Initially, before progressing to more professional jobs, Nydia began with small jobs and regular photoshoots for private clients. She was later a news photographer who covered a wide variety of questions, including politics. Her coverage of President Ronald Reagan’s campaign during the elections in 1980 is one of her notable photographs.

Facts on the Wife of Roger Stone

Nydia met her husband Roger Stone, a political advisor at the time while working as a photographer. The two first walked through one of President Reagan’s campaigns during the 1980 election.

In 1992, after exchanging married vows in Las Vegas, they quickly established a romantic bond. While their personal details are quite uncertain, Nydia and Roger have for almost thirty years shared an inseparable bond and continue to grow stronger in their union.

Nydia Stone’s Marriage

Interestingly, for Nydia and Roger, their marriage is the second. Bertran had previously married a man who was not made publicly aware of his identity. The union was shortlisting and did not produce children. In addition, their separation details are also unknown. On the other hand, for sixteen years (1974-1990) Roger was previously married to Ann Stone. Roger and Ann had Scott Stone’s son together.


At different times, Nydia and Roger Stone have taken the lead as a pair. The scandal of 1996, which caused Roger to resign from his political position as Consultant for the presidential campaign of Senator Bob Dole, is noteworthy. The scandal stemmed from a major report alleging that the couple had put raunchy ads and photographs online and in the Local swing fever magazine, seeking sexual partners.

While Nydia and Roger allegedly disguised their identities in the advertising, the tabloid kept claims proving Nydia was paying the publicity with its credit card. The couple, however, vehemently rejected speculation that the race photographs on the ad were a model of Nydia’s professional photoshoot while Roger’s was from a bodybuilding competition in 1993.

In a later report, moreover, Roger accused him of having mastered the scandalous pictures. But about 10 years later, in another turn, news came out of a popular tabloid that Roger accepted and authenticated advertising reports. He had previously denied the allegations according to the former political consultant, because of his grandparents still living at that time.

In late 2017, the husband of Nydia was once again in another controversy, where the Special Counsel Investigation of Robert Mueller was targeted and attacked by a number of CNN journals. The actions of Roger have even led Twitter to suspend its account. Roger Stone was later arrested and charged with testimony to tame him, five counts of false declarations, and obstruction to official proceedings in early 2019, in line with the Russian investigation of Robert Mueller. He was released later on a bond, however.

Nydia Stone in Social media Platform

The mainstream and social media headlines have always been made by Nydia Stone and her husband. Since her childhood she has been exposed to politics, Nydia is a defender and public supporter of her husband’s number one. She works on popular platforms such as Twitter and Instagram where her political and social views and perspectives are incontrovertible. She is also known for her husband’s strong defense on her social media accounts on several occasions.