Sherrie Hewson, 71 quits dating app, Plenty of Fish after men harass her with rude pictures!

Ex-Corrie star, Sherrie Hewson is 71. But that does not stop her from doing things she likes. Sherrie had joined a dating app but had to wind up there because men kept sending her rude pictures that she did not like or enjoy.

Sherrie Hewson quits dating app

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The gorgeous actress Sherrie Hewson spoke to Irish Mirror about her being open to dating even now. She said that she is a grandmother noe but decided to register for the dating app Plenty of Fish to look for live and companionship. But she was horrified when members sending her rude and nude pics of themselves. Talking about it in detail, the beautiful star said:

“I went on Plenty Of Fish and started getting pictures of penises. I thought, “Oh my God!” So I came off it. I don’t know how I’d meet anyone now. Men my age want 20 year olds!”

Sherrie Hewson
Sherrie Hewson (The Sun UK)

Sherrie and her family

The actress Sherrie misses her brother Brett. He died of brain tumor recently and she felt lonely in the second lockdown. She said:

Not in the first lockdown as it was such an extraordinary thing for us to go through. But when we went back into lockdown that really hit me. I thought, “No, I’m not doing this again.” And I’d lost my brother, so the loneliness was a thousandfold.”

Sherrie Hewson
Sherrie with daughter Keeley (Source: Mirror UK)

The actress has a daughter who resides close to her house in Lancashire. She explained:

Yes. I see them every day. My grandson Oliver is 15 – he’s going to be a pilot. Molly is 11 and a big horse rider, like me. And Rosie’s two and a half. And she rules the world! Oh, my heart.”

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She helps in taking care of her grandkids:

“I pick up Molly from school, I take her horse riding, swimming. I take Rosie to the play area. And I do everything. The problem is I’m about to do the Fat Friends tour with Les Dennis, which means I’ll be going away.”

Sherrie and her new project

After Corrie, Sherrie said no to any new venture that came her way. She said:

“I just wasn’t ready. I was offered a TV series and they went through how it would work. They said they’d pick me up, then I would have to stay in my hotel room, then I’d be masked up, go on and do the scene, put the mask back on and go back to the hotel. I thought it sounded like being in prison.”

Sherrie Hewson
Sherrie Hewson (Source: Daily Post)

She is promoting the app called Readly. It is a digital subscription service that allows customers to have unlimited access to nearly 5,000 magazines. She is advocating the Readly’s digital seniors campaign. She states:

“44% of Brits over 60 have become more digital during the pandemic. If I’d known of Readly in lockdown it would have been such a help.”

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