The Untold Story of Why Sherra Wright Robinson Killed Her Own Husband, Lorenzen Wright

Lorenzen Wright captured with his talents and energy the fancy of many basketball fans. A portion, including his ex-wife, Sherra Wright Robinson, the author of the book has taken fame. Mr. Tell Me Something. And he’s been a famous man. The novel is a fiction that was eventually discovered to be 99.99 percent of the life story of Sherra Wright Robinson and her late husband. She’s also known as Shamar and Lamar Wright’s mother of twin basketballers.

While her profession and family background have prompted it to fame, it was discovered she was the mystery assassin of her husband, not any other. The fact that the case has remained unresolved for 7 years has made her more fateful.

Sherra Wright Robinson took the world by storm, even though many believed that she might be innocent of the charges when she pleaded guilty to her husband’s First Degree murder and that of their 6 children’s dad. There have been explanations why she murdered her husband, but her actions have so far been without explanation. At the moment, she has freedom of parole for a 30-year prison term.

Sherra Wright Robinson’s Untold Truth and Why She Murdered Lorenzen Wright

Sherra Wright Robinson’s  Life Early, Age

Robinson Sherra Wright was born in 1971 to her father and an unnamed mother in Tennessee as an African-American. She has been bred, trained, and kept under the wraps of media until Lorenzo Wright.

The only thing she knows about her profession is that she is a novelist. Her only work to this day has taken it to the fore is the novel, which is described by Sherra Wright Robinson – fiction with a touch of fact – as 99.99%. The book, tells the story of deceitful basketball fans, moving to Memphis, marrying an old wife, and making a trip to a basketball superstar.

She is the mother of Lorenz Wright Jr., Shamar Wright, and Lamar Wright, three basketball players. She has four other kids, one dying in 2003.

Lorenzen Wright relationship

For several years, Sherra Wright Robinson had been married to Lorenz Wright with 7 of her children, including Sierra Simone Wright, her daughter who died as a child. He was married as a child.

Lorenz was well regarded as a Power Advance and Basketball Center NBA player throughout his lifetime. He was lost on 18 July 2010 and his dead body was found in the forests on 28 July 2010. Nobody was caught in the killing until 7 years later, even in the midst of the series of inquiries, the authorities wanted to search the loopholes again.

Why Did Sherra Wright Robinson Kill Her Husband?

After Lorenzen Wright passed away, his fans and family mourned him, while the officials worked to reveal his assassin. But before his assassin was unveiled, 7 years passed!

In 2011, any valuable information about the killing of Lorenzen was offered a $21,000 reward. Unless the murder weapon was found in Walnut Lake, Mississipi, in 2017, nothing was announced.

Billy R. Turner was eventually arrested in connection with the killing of the basketball player in the Shelby County landscape. Days later the same crimes of first, the assassination of her husband was also committed by Sherra Wright Robison, and second, her husband’s conspired to kill.

During a trial Sherra Wright Robinson

As the authorities had their suspected assassins, they both were convicted and Sherra Robison Wright was jailed for 30 years after she pleaded guilty to the above-mentioned charges.

At the trial, Moreso pleaded with Lorenzen’s mother that she was going to represent Sherra in prison in the thirty years after her son was sent to live in death. However, sources confirmed that 9 years into her 30-year sentence she is eligible for parole.

Sherra Wright Robinson Reason For Killing Her Own Husband

Their protection will be of Lorenzen’s battery, according to Sherra’s lawyer Juni Ganguli. He said that the former NBA star, which disfigured Sherra’s face, constantly abused Sherra and her children. However, it was recorded that before his death the former couple no longer lived together. If so, why was it that they weren’t together, had to kill him?

In addition, Sherra revealed that she would release a sequel to her first book Mr. Tell Me All she would have been traveling to her readers when her husband was murdered.