Julia Fox: Know how much weight the actress lost while briefly dating Ye West for 6 weeks!

The romance of actress Julia Fox with American rapper Ye West ended as fast as it had started. It was extremely brief. Julia spoke about it to ET. She also revealed that she lost a lot of weight during the process. But she was aware right at the start that it would end sooner or later.

Julia Fox talks to ET about her brief romance with Ye West

Actress Julia Fox fell for Ye West. He also initially seemed attracted to her. But it is not sure whether he was doing a show of romance in order to make his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian jealous and lure her back or was it real love at that time for Julia. But the two soon parted ways. It was a very brief courtship period. Even before the world knew about this relationship, it had already ended.

Julia Fox
Julia Fox (Source: Vogue)

Earlier, Julia had given an interview to Interview Magazine. She revealed that they had an instant connection. Now, in a recent interview she gave to ET, Julia revealed that she was under great stress during the whole period. She lost 15 pounds. And she had an inkling that the relationship would not last. Earlier, she had told ET that the romance with Ye was the best thing that happened in her life.

Julia on why the relationship with Ye failed

The actress admitted to ET now that she had tried her level best to make this relationship work and last longer. But she also confessed:

“I already had a jam-packed life. How do I fit this really big personality into this already full life?”

“It just wasn’t sustainable,”

“I lost like 15 pounds in that month.”

Julia Fox
Julia Fox with Ye (Source: E Online)

This news was shocking. Julia had really a lot of tension while dating Ye for a few weeks. The exact reason of the split remains unclear. It might be that Ye was not really keen on it.

The Ye-Kim drama continues….

The drama of the personal divorce of Ye and Kim continues unabated. Ye is going lengths to show his hatred towards the new boyfriend of Kim, comedian Pete Davidson. First he had expressed his displeasure at his wife kissing Pete in front of him on his SNL show. Later, he spoke about she not inviting him for their child Chicago’s birthday. Later, he claimed that Pete had AIDS.

Julia Fox
Julia Fox with Ye (Source: People)

And now, Ye had released a new music video for Easy. In this video Ye had made a caricature of Pete and shown himself burying it alive. This new insane act of Ye has only invited the wrath of Kim. She is upset with it and it will only further increase the rift between Kim and Ye. Ye fails to understand it. Kim had applied to the court to grant her the singlehood status at the earliest. And she has won it. She has deleted the surname West for her name. Things are likely to worsen in the coming days as their divorce nears completion.