Know All About the Wife of an MMA fighter Jon Jones, Jessie Moses: Age, Bio, Education, Family, Children

The wife of an MMA fighter is not easy to do, particularly when he has to travel several times a year from place to place for his job – but Moses seems to manage all of this very well.

Jessie Moses is Jon Jones’s wife and also his three children’s mother. Though very private, she came to the fore because of her link to the warrior and champion of the MMA. They dated and reportedly met during their time in high school for many years.

While she has a degree, Jessie Moses doesn’t work or look after housekeeping and raising her three daughters. She has repeatedly gushed about her and said even that she makes up a significant percentage of her performance in Jon’s career and the MMA Champion.

Jessie Moses’s Age, Bio, Schooling

Jessie Moses was born on September 12, 1987, in Endicott, New York City. There’s not so much detail about her parents or even about her siblings as a private person; she has any.

We know, though, that her mother has always embraced her MMA fighter relationship very strong and has even changed the couple at some point. She attended high school Endicott which is also a school attended by Jon Jones. Both of them met at high school and from there, their love story began. If they met, during his old year, she was a junior, but that didn’t stop them anyway from becoming a couple.

After high school, Jessie Moses earned a diploma in political science at Broome Community College, in Broke County. When she was at college, when she became pregnant with their first daughter Leah, born in July 2008, she was still in a relationship with Jon Jones. How she was able to be a student and raise her baby is admirable. Jessie Moses proved to be a very powerful and trustworthy woman and she is nothing shocking. She graduated in 2009 from Broome Community College.

About the wife of Jon Jones, Jessie Moses

Jon Jones And Jessie Moses

Their love started at high school and since then has only seemed to grow stronger. Jon Jones said in 2014 that she is a wonderful mom, and she’s a great team as she explains her friendship with Jessie. On its part, Jones said that they are also a happy family over and over again.

Jon sprang up after many years of dating in 2013 and the world was excited for them with a ring on Easter day. After a proposal on his Twitter page, he posted a photo of the family, saying it felt so good and ready for “homeless.”

Since no wedding date has been confirmed and no wedding photographs have been shown, the status of this snarling couple is still confusing in the world. But in a recent Instagram post Jon Jones referred to Jessie as his female, which means that, unless otherwise demonstrated, fans can claim they’re officially married.

Family Life of Jessie Moses

The couple welcomed their second infant, a girl whom they named Carmen, for the year they graduated from college in 2009. Their third boy and daughter, Olivia, was accepted in 2013.

Curiously, Carmen’s second daughter was named after a sister of Jon Jones, who suffered from the brain at a young age and died. All five of them coexist in Ithaca, New York, as a happy family, even though Jon Jones’ work allows him to fly to many cities is always absent. He mostly mixes with Albuquerque, New Mexico (where he is educated), and New York (where his family resides).

Jessie Moses As Mom

While she graduated with a degree in political science from Broome Community College, Jessie Moses obviously wanted to be a mom and a housewife. She described her work as ‘Full-time Mommy’ on her Facebook profile. Even Jon Jones spoke of the dynamic of his relationship and said he’s an outstanding provider, even though he’s a phenomenally loving mother. The couple seems to have found a system for them!

Jessie Moses mother’s relationship

Jessie Moses has an excellent friendship with her mother, even when the situation is complicated the couple once lived in the basement of his mother. Her mother not only helped her but Jon Jones and his career as well. In an interview, he once told him to concentrate, to be optimistic, and to set goals.