Alan Tam denies he has any sexual extra-marital relationship with a female fan!

Social media is a good platform for social networking. But it has its lopside as well. Fake news, defamation, affair stories spread like wild fire due to it and it can be difficult to control the not-needed dissemination. Recently, a Chinese mainland man alleged that the famous Hong Kong Canto-pop star, Alan Tam, 71 is having an affair with the man’s girlfriend. Is it true? What was Alan’s response to this defaming allegation?

Alan Tam and the affair allegations

Inside Content (Biography)

On Tuesday 23rd November 2021, a man from mainland China put up a lengthy article on Weibo alleging that he accidentally discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him and having a secret relationship with Hong Kong actor and singer, Alan Tam Wing-lun, 71. He also had tagged Alan in this exposing post.

Alan Tam
Chinese netizen alleges that Alan Tam is having an affair with the man’s girlfriend (Source: SCMP)

Elaborating on the incident, the man claimed that he knew that his girlfriend was a great fan of Alan. And the man supported her for it. He added that he wanted to check on the items that his girlfriend had on her shopping list so that he could buy them for her. Hence he looked into her phone without her permission and behind her back.

To his horror, he found that last month she had purchased a men’s shirt and cologne. But she did not gift them to her. Then for whom else had she bought these two items?

In order to investigate, he looked into her phone photo album and realized that she had an affair with Alan. He remembered that she had told him about going shopping with a friend in Shanghai. But at that time she was with Alan and had thus lied to him and cheated him. Her infidelity had upset him and he posted the details on Weibo.

Reaction of Alan Tam, his agency, and fans

Alan Tam vehemently denied the allegations. His agency, Impact Entertainment, put up a counter-statement on Weibo the next day. They said that the man’s story was fabricated and they strongly condemned it. Alan put up the same statement on his Weibo account. It read:

“As is well-known, Mr. Tam has loved his work passionately for the past decades, supported the younger generations, contributed to his country and to society, and respected his fans. As someone who sits on the Hong Kong Election Committee, he will not ignore actions that damage his reputation and will take appropriate legal action.”

The man who made the allegations had since then deleted the post.

Alan Tam
Alan Tam (Source: SCMP)

Alan’s fans gave a mixed reaction to this incident. Some of the fans were on his side and wrote that he should not bow down to these gossipers and rumour creators. But there were others who held suspicious view and felt that a mere statement from Alan and his agency is not enough. Some went on to the extent to demand a lawsuit to know the truth.

Alan Tam’s life

Alan had built up the Canto-pop music scene in the 1980s. He was famous for his several romantic ballads with modern arrangements. He has 115 solo albums on his name and he has sold over 35 million records globally.

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Though he had so much renown in the music field, his personal life was a bit in the soup.

He had dated and later wed Sally Yeung Kit-mei in the year 1981. But the couple had no children. In 1991, he met Wendy Chu and started an extra-marital relationship with her. And in 1995, he had a son with Wendy.

Alan Tam
Alan, his wife, and partner (Source: Pinterest)

But in 2020, Alan admitted on RTHK radio show Happy Daily that he had not done the right thing. He asked his fans to not follow his footsteps. He said that he did it for a child and Wendy had supported him. But he made both the women suffer. Alan lamented:

“It’s not good to have two wives.”
“I’ve made them both suffer,”
“I hope nobody will follow what I did.”

Though officially he remains married to Sally, Sally does not reside with Alan. They separated and are leading separate individual lives.