All Necessary Details About Bernice Burgos: Age, Bio, Parents, Career, Relationship

Bernice Burgos is an African-American business model known for her social media fame and hip-hop music videos. Though she fell from school and nearly destroyed her future in a harsh childhood, Bernice rose in the dust and has built her niche successfully in society.

The controversial character, Bernice has drawn insights from issues from her body to her daughter and her alleged connections with high-profile artists. Bernice has been quite controversial. The New Yorker native still thrives in the face of negativity and surmounts the winds, as she did when her life constantly changed with 15.

Bernice Burgos’d Early Life, Age, Parents

On 17 April 1980, in the New York City neighborhood of Bronx, Bernice Burgos was welcomed into the world. We do know that she is of Puerto Rican origin and that her grandmother raised her, but there are very few specifics about its history.

Although Bernice was aware of her father, there was evidence that his mother, too, was not an excessively present figure during her formative years. In spite of these family problems, the young girl appeared like an average childhood, and she was taught until she was fifteen.

Bernice became pregnant at that age with Ashley, her daughter. She was thrown out of the home, causing her to live with the mother of her boyfriend rather than being supplied by her father and grandmother. During her time there, she first tried to keep her school life while contributing to homework, but it was too much to raise a boy, school, and task.

As a result, she left school and started working as a bartender in order to achieve ends. This particular decision illuminated Bernice Burgos’ career path today to a renowned name.


Bernice Burgos: From bartending to social media modeling

Bartending started out for Bernice Burgos as a temporary job, but it soon increased when her coke bottle-shaped body started collecting thousands of tips. Not only were the tips a consistent source of considerable revenue, but a modeling scout “discovered” them.

Bernice started appearing in magazines and was a muse of photographers with new contacts promoted by the Scout. Her first video appearance in the J. Cole Music Video Work Out was featured in magazines including XXL and Display.

Bernice Burgos’ song “Diced Pineapples” from Rick Ross, and “Do You Mind” from D J Khaled have been featured in many other music videos.

However, even though modeling proved consistent and lucrative, Bernice Burgos kept on her bartending display. On Sunday, she would return to the bar where she would give up to $8,000 for tips if she had no role models.

Her success in music videos and bars rapidly became famous because her body was a strong attraction. Instagram has over 5.8 million followers, @realberniceburgos. She also has a YouTube channel, on which she reviews her life and shares insights into her career. It has more than 44,000 subscribers and over a million views.

Entrepreneurial Life of Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos was in a better position compared to her teenage years with a significant influx of cash and higher quality of life. However, she was eager to own a company of her own. Then she began a clothing line named Bold and Beautiful in collaboration with her daughter Ashley.

The company Mother and Daughter focuses on women’s clothing development and sale. Bold and beautiful has done well since it was founded as part of the company’s range of models. The robe offers fashion objects like clothing, clothing, skirts, and panty clothes.


Family life of Bernice Burgos

Never married was Bernice Burgos and possibly alone. She’s got two kids, however. Her first one, Ashley, was her pregnancy as a teenager.

Bernice had another daughter named Sarai ten years after her first child. The name of Sarai’s father is also unknown, like Ashley. Ashley gave birth to a daughter named Amarie in March 2018, the family of Burgos grew. At the age of 39, Burgos was born into a public life that was one of the newest grandmothers.

Bernice was strongly criticized for pursuing her career as a model after her granddaughter’s birth. But she didn’t mind it, like most of the criticism she had to face.

Bernice Burgos also wishes to have another child although she becomes a grandmother. She says she doesn’t have children and wants to fulfill her dream that she has three children. Her new child will be at least 15 years younger than Sarai, whom she gave birth to in 2005, when and if she does.

Bernice Burgos’s Love Life

Bernice Burgos is now and then associated with another famous person in the music industry. It is not shocking that her job includes selling the illusion of excitement and love as a video vixen.

Over the years, people like Drake, Nick Cannon, and Suge Knight have been involved in Burgos’ alleged ties. However, she did not have a few flings with any of the notable names of hip hop.

Drake Drake (March 2015)

On a beach in Perth, Australia, in March 2015 Drake and Bernice Burgos could be seen cozy. Speculations about relationships have become viral on the Internet, typical of some of Drake’s ‘relationships. It was just a friendly thing between the two hip-hop characters, however. Drake and Bernice remain, friends, since “it’s over.”

T.I T.I. (2017)

The affair of bernice Burgos to T.I is maybe the closest thing she has had since she became a significant figure in a public relationship. Also one of the defining hip-hop dramas for 2017 was their Dalliance.

Both of them started a business relationship in 2016 and in 2017 they became romantic. In those days, T.I had marital difficulties with his wife, Tiny, and there is a possibility of divorce. Divorce never happened, though. Several Instagram posts and on-line entreviews have since been shown to animosity with Burgos and Tiny.

Bernice is also linked to other hip-hop stars, such as Meek Mill, Young MA, Qavo, and Trey Songz, apart from Drake and T.I. She was also rumorous about Da Kid, but none of them have confirmed the affair to date.