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Britney Taylor is a perfectionist gymnast and a former trainer of the NFL Patriots. Recently, on September 10, 2019, Taylor accused the NFL star, Antonio Brown of sexual assault and harassment. Brown was just traded to Oakland an

Britney Taylor is a perfectionist gymnast and a former trainer of the NFL Patriots. Recently, on September 10, 2019, Taylor accused the NFL star, Antonio Brown of sexual assault and harassment. Brown was just traded to Oakland and signed by the Patriots after spending his nine-season with Pittsburgh Steelers in March 2019. But with the alleged on him, he wouldn’t be counted as New England’s active roster while the investigation goes on.

Britney Taylor Accused the NFL star, Antonio Brown of Rape! Is This Real? Is Taylor A Victim?

The former trainer of Patriots, Britney Taylor accused the popular NFL star, Antonio Brown of rape and two instances of sexual assault and harassment in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday on September 10, 2019, in Florida.

The lawsuit, a copy of which has been obtained by the Guardian, accuses Brown of assaulting Taylor on three separate occasions, twice in June 2017 and a third in May 2018.

The complaint alleges the first incident was when Brown exposed himself and kissed Taylor during a training session at one of his homes in the Pittsburgh area in June 2017.

The second incident happened later the month during a training visit at Brown’s residence in Miami when he alleged masturbated without her knowledge.

Following the year on May 20, 2018, Brown forced Taylor down onto a bed, pushed her face on the mattress and forcibly raped her.

The third alleged incident let Taylor suffer from near-daily panic attacks and suicidal ideations. For that, Taylor is seeking in excess of $75,000 for claims of sexual battery, battery,

intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and invasion of privacy for unwanted and offensive sexual contact.

Brown’s attorney, Darren Heitner, posted a lengthy statement to his Twitter where he tweets saying: “Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit”.

Heitner further added that Brown and Taylor had a personal relationship back in 2018 where they also had a very consensual.


What is Britney Taylor Famous for?

  •  Taylor is best known as being the former trainer of the NFL star, Antonio Brown.

Who is Britney Taylor? When Did Brown And Taylor Meet?

Britney Taylor was born in 1991 to her mother, Bridget Taylor. Taylor is an elite-level gymnast and a former trainer of the NFL Patriots.

Taylor first met Brown when they were in their college days back in 2010. They both attended the same college, named Central Michigan University. Brown and Taylor were paired as the Bible study partners for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


Later, Taylor transferred to Louisiana State University where she continued her passion to compete in NCAA gymnastics. After Taylor’s transfer, Brown and Taylor weren’t able to remain in touch at all however, Brown reached out to her on social media in 2013 where he asked for photos of her.

After then, Brown asked her to work as a trainer for him. However, later on, on June 2017, after Brown tried to do something wrong she ended her working relationship with him.

But Brown assured her that he would cease any sexual advances and agreed to provide hotel accommodations for future training visits. Brown didn’t stop his behavior as later on May 20, 2018, he forcibly raped her that left her in near-daily panic attacks and suicidal ideations.

Because of all these incidents, Taylor who was about to get married to her fiance couldn’t do so as this creat a lot of misunderstanding and chaos between them.

Taylor currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

When did Britney Taylor Start Doing Gymnastic?

Britney Taylor started her practicing gymnastics when she was just 3.  She had a passion to achieve a career in gymnastics. Taylor was too good in gymnastics that she was even offered by full college scholarships by 14 colleges.

She was on the gymnastics team for the LSU Tigers from where she graduated in 2013 with a degree in sports administration and business management.

Taylor attended Ridgeway High School and was a gymnast for the River City Gymnastics club. She was an all-round gymnast for the Tigers.

Taylor minored in business and was a student-athlete. Taylor was the coach and choreographer at Storm Gymnastics for two years from 2009 to 2011. She was a top athlete as Central Michigan as she earned the second-team all-conference honors in the Mid-Atlantic Conference in 2011.

She was the freshman of the year for the MAC in 2010 before she got transferred to LSU.

What is Britney Taylor Doing For Her Living?

Currently, Taylor trains the young gymnasts at her own studio named “Taylor’Ed Gymnastics” in Memphis. She started her training center in 2016. Her business grew too quickly, she even covered the cost of tuition for several students whose families were unable to afford it.

Just within a year, she was training 50 students and had another 200 on her waiting list.

Taylor always wanted to be gymnast, she pursued her lifelong dream of opening a gymnastics training center mainly for African-American girls in her hometown. She wanted to create a safe and supportive environment for young gymnast girls to make sure that they wouldn’t have anything missing as she had during her young days.

It was scheduled that she would be inducted into the inaugural Tennessee Gymnastics Hall of Fame this coming year.

Is Britney Taylor Married? Did The  Assault Hamper Her Personal Life?

After the news of the lawsuit became a headline, the 28-aged, Taylor deleted her Instagram and Facebook pages. Taylor has also given a statement that the assault has brought up a great negative impact on her personal life.

Her long-term boyfriend, whom she had been dating ever since her high school, proposed her less than two weeks after she was raped by Brown in 2018. Taylor was engaged to her fiance in May 2018.

However, Taylor wasn’t in the situation to tell her fiance about the incident and that disclosure put a serious strain on their relationship. Taylor’s attorney also says that Taylor feared Brown could have given her an STD or gotten her pregnant.

Antonio Brown Denies About The Alleged Lawsuit By Taylor?

The NFL star, Antonio Brown denies the allegation against him to have done things like sexual harassment and assault to Taylor. Brown gave his explanation that Taylor had been in contact with him throughout 2018, she even asked for tickets.

Brown further added that Taylor continually posted photographs of him on her social media so that she could get a financial benefit.

Brown’s lawyer has given a statement that reads, Brown has denied each and every allegation in the lawsuit and he will probably pursue all the legal remedies to clear out his name.

It was also said that this kind of incident has happened even before in 2017 when Brown signed a contract that made him the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL.

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