Conman Shimon Hayut from Israel wants to make a Hollywood debut to clear his image of the Tinder swindler

Notoriety is bad. But in the days of today it gives fame, name, and money too. This is also the case with Israeli national Shimon Hayut. He used to swindle women on Tinder. And after a Netflix documentary on him, he is planning to make a Hollywood debut!

Shimon Hayut and his crimes

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Shimon Hayut from Israel had registered on the dating app Tinder. He made a show of having a lot of wealth and leading a lavish lifestyle. He used to find his prey on Tinder and manipulate them to give him financial support that he would promise to return soon. But Shimon who was on the app with the name Simon Leviev would use this money to splurge on himself and use it for another female victim on the app. He has legally changed his name to Simon Leviev now. He did so to claim that he is a Prince of diamonds. In other words, he claims that he is the son of Russian Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev. But he has no relation to the diamond tycoon.

Shimon Hayut
Shimon Hayut (Source: Yahoo)

Shimon was never convicted of these crimes and charges. But Netflix made a documentary film on him. In this film, three of his victims came forward to narrate their sad tales. Also, Tinder has banned him from the dating app.

Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler

Netflix made the film on this swindler and titled it The Tinder Swindler. In this film, Simon’s modus operandi was revealed. Three women, Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm and Ayleen Charlotte whom Simon had conned narrated the way that Simon defrauded them and left them in huge debts. The film also shows how the three women fought back and brought to the forefront his crimes. Simon used to pose as son of the Russian wealthy man, and ask help from the women to protect him from his ‘enemies’.

Shimon Hayut
Shimon Hayut aka Simon Leviev (Source: Yahoo)

But he is a free man and not yet convicted for his various financial frauds and crimes. But it did she Simon infamous. His wrongdoings reached thousands of people who watched the documentary.

Simon and his side of the story

Simon is unhappy with the way Netflix portrayed him. He feels that they misrepresented him. Hence, Simon wants to do a Hollywood debut. He wants to do several projects and tell the world his side of the story. He denies he told anything to Netflix despite they approaching him for his side of the story.

Shimon Hayut
Shimon Hayut (Source: TMZ)

Simon has also signed up with a talent agency. He wants the agency to represent him and get him assignments. He has in mind several plans on how to reach the world through Hollywood. He also wants to launch a dating podcast. On this, he plans to share with his audience the dos and don’ts of dating. He wishes to write a book on it. He also wants a reality TV show on his name. In this, he wants women to compete for his love.

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Simon has got popular on social media. He has his own TikTok account and is busy on it. Additionally, there are several memes on him on the internet.