Jonathan Ross, his sexuality, his family, and his gay date invitation!

One of the judges of the show The Masked Singer, Jonathan Ross, 61 was on a podcast when he disclosed that a fellow star had once invited him out for a date with him. However, he rejected the offer. But he now feels that he should have accepted the offer and seen its implications.

Jonathan Ross talks about the gay date invitation

Jonathan Ross is one of judges on the show The Masked Singer. He had appeared on the podcast show Life’s A Beach hosted by the openly gay comedian Alan Carr. Jonathan did not want to make the actor. But he said that they held similar opinions on European cinema. And at that time, the fellow star decided to make the move and asked him out for a date.

Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross (Source: Express UK)

The show judge said:

“I think he was someone who always swung in each direction, but Hollywood being what it was, he wasn’t out there,” 

And added:

“He asked me on a date because we were discussing Pedro Almodovar – a brilliant director, and an openly gay man,”

“And I think it was my love and knowledge of foreign films, [in] particular his genre, his canon of work, that made him think I was up for a little bit of action.”

Should Jonathan have accepted the gay date offer?

Further, Jonathan joked:

“Maybe I should have gone!” 

“It would have been a marvellous anecdote, and it might have been a nice evening out.”

Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross (Source: Born Rich)

Though Jonathan kept the name of the day guy a secret from the listeners, Alan teased that he knew the name and stated:

“I never would have had him down as gay.”

Earlier on one occasion, Jonathan had tweeted that he is himself very much a gay person. He revealed that during his childhood days, hid bedroom had pictures and posters of Starsky and Hutch and Cilla Black. During the podcast discussion, it also came out that Alan and Jonathan were distant relatives.

Jonathan and his personal life

Though Jonathan jokes about his sexual identity, he is now in a marital relationship. His wife’s name is Jane Goldman and she is a former showbiz journalist and scriptwriter. They wed in 1988 and have three children together: Betty, Harvey, and Honey. Though he himself is heterosexual, he is not averse to gay people. He bears no hatred against them. His own daughter, Betty Kitten has come out as a lesbian. Betty had stated that she had crushes on women during her young age. But she was not aware of her sexuality until she was in her late adolescent age.

Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross and wife Jane Goldman (Source: Express UK)

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Jonathan had admitted on Gaydar Radio that despite his daughter’s homosexual sexuality, he loves and adores her. He does not mind her getting home a girl. Jonathan had said:

My answer to her bringing a girl home [to the family home] is ‘great.'”

“I love my kids, no matter who they are and what they do.”

Jonathan was not shy and candidly told the audience of Rhod Gilbert’s Comedy Central show Growing Pains about how his first sexual experience was with a hoover and an orange. He narrated:

I became very interested in women’s magazines and would read my mum’s to try and pick out clues as to what women were,”

“One section said, ‘How to get your man better at oral sex’,”

“It said, ‘Peel the orange and the whole in the middle, insert your tongue’, so I felt, ‘This is something I need to learn.'”

“I’d read that female-to-male oral sex could be replicated with a Hoover, [but it] was a very uncomfortable experience and not pleasant for anyone.”