Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is a North Korean politician who has been serving as the Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011 and as chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea since 2012. Kim is the Dictator of North Korea and is considered as one of the strongest dictators that the world ever had. He is the blood of leader and founder, Kim II-Sung(grandfather), and second leader, Kim Jong-il (father). He also ranks in the list of one of the most powerful people in the whole world. 

Kim even ordered the execution of his uncle Jang Song-thaek for “treachery” and is widely believed to have ordered the assassination of his half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, in Malaysia in February 2017. His regime is said to have dominated every aspect of its citizens’ lives and terrorizes them from within. He made his first TV show appearance on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt as “Himself” in 2010. He is also nicknamed as Little Rocket Man, Fatty #3, Yongmyong-han Tongji. 

What is Kim Jong-un Famous for?

  • Famous as the dictator of North Korea.
  • Being a Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011 that makes him one of the youngest serving heads of government in the world.
  • Being referred to as 46th most powerful person in the world in 2013 by Forbes magazine.
  • Having served as the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea.


Kim Jong-un warned North Korea regarding coronavirus and typhoon

Recently, Kim Jong-un has warned North Korean authorities to prepare for the dangers posed to the country by the coronavirus pandemic and a looming typhoon. North Korea has not confirmed any Covid-19 cases and it is thought that a large outbreak would have a devastating effect on the impoverished nation. But Typhoon Bavi is expected to hit North Korea later this week. Speaking at a meeting of the politburo on Tuesday, Mr. Kim, who was smoking a cigarette, said there were “some shortcomings” in the state’s efforts to keep out the “malignant virus”, state media reported, without giving details. Suspecting coronavirus, there had been lockdown in one border city near South Korea but the infection was never officially confirmed. His appearance came amid rumors about his health and that he had delegated some of his authority to his sister Kim Yo-jong. The BBC’s weather center is predicting storm surges of between 200-300mm of rain just weeks before the autumn rice harvest. Ten million people are said to suffer from food insecurity in North Korea, according to the UN. That means they live from harvest to harvest. They cannot afford more crops to be damaged. 

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Where was Kim Jong-un Born?

Kim Jong-un was born on January 8, 1983 (South Korean records), and on January 8, 1984 (American records) in Pyongyang, North Korea. The reason behind his changed birth year is considered to be for symbolic reasons as 1982 born would be 70 years after the birth of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and 40 years after the official birth of his father Kim Jong-il. His birth name is Kim Jong-un. His nationality is Korean. Kim belongs to Korean ethnicity while Capricon is his zodiac sign. 

Kim Jong-un was born in a highly reputed family as the second and the youngest child of Kim Jong-il (father)(1941–2011) and Ko Yong-hui (mother)(1952–2004). His father was North Korea’s second leader who ruled the country from 1994 until his death in 2011 while his mother was the North Korean supreme leader. 

Jong-un is the grandson of Kim Il-sung, who was the founder and led North Korea from its establishment in 1948 until his death in 1994.

He has two siblings: an elder brother, Kim Jong-Chul(b. 1981), and a younger sister, Kim Yo-jong(b. 1987). All of them lived in Switzerland, where Jong-un attended the Liebefeld Steinhölzli state school in Köniz, under the name “Pak-un” or “Un-pak” from 1998 until 2000 as the son of an employee of the North Korean embassy in Bern.

He first attended a special class for foreign-language children and later attended the regular classes of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and part of the final 9th year, leaving the school abruptly in the autumn of 2000. He also has half-siblings from his father’s previous relation: Kim Jong-nam and Kim Sul-song. 

Later, Kim Jong-un attended Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang and graduating earning two-degrees: a degree in physics at Kim Il-sung University and another as an Army officer at the Kim Il-sung Military University. Besides, for many years, only one confirmed photograph of him was known to exist outside North Korea, until September 30, 2010, when his first official image of him as an adult was a group photograph released. 

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Kim Jong-un: Road to Supreme Leader of North Korea

  • Kim Jong-un began his professional career getting involved in the Cheonan sinking and the bombardment of Yeonpyeong in 2010.
  • On September 28, 2010, Jong-un was named vice chairman of the Central Military Commission and was appointed to the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party.
  • Following the death of his father, he took the power was hailed as the great successor to the revolutionary cause of Juche.
  • On December 24, 2011, he was publicly declared Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army.
  • On March 27, 2012, Kim was elected to the Fourth Conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
  • Kim was appointed the Chairman of the National Defence Commission at the 5th Session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly on April 13, 2012.
  • On April 15, 2012, Kim Jong-un made his first public speech, “Let Us March Forward Dynamically Towards Final Victory, Holding Higher the Banner of Songun”.
  • In July 2012, Kim was promoted to Wonsu(marshal), the highest active rank in the military. The same month, Kim Jong-un showed a change in cultural policy from his father by attending a Moranbong Band concert.
  • In December 2013, Kim Jong-un’s uncle Jang Song-thaek was arrested and executed for treachery by firing squad killing Jang’s all relatives.
  • Kim became the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea on a party congress held in May 2016 and the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission in June.
  • Kim Jong-un is part of a triumvirate heading the executive branch of the North Korean government along with Premier Kim Jae-ryong and parliament president Choe Ryong-hae.
  • In July 2016, the United States Department of the Treasury imposed personal sanctions on Kim for his alleged crimes against humanity.
  • Under Kim Jong-un, North Korea has continued to develop nuclear weapons, conducting over 80 missile tests after he had been under the trap and assassination.
  • During the April 2018 inter-Korean summit, Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in signed the Panmunjom Declaration, formally ending the Korean War.
  • On June 12, 2018, Kim held his first summit with US President Donald Trump and signed a declaration, affirming a commitment to peace, nuclear disarmament, and the repatriation of the remains of U.S. war dead. He again held a meeting with Trump in February and June 2019.
  • On 25 April 2019, Kim held his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok, Russia.
  • He again met with Trump, shaking hands warmly and expressing hope for peace in the Korean DMZ on 30th June 2019. 
  • Russian President Putin awarded Kim with the Jubilee Medal “75 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945” on 5th May 2020. 
  • On 21st August 2020, The Guardian reported that he had ceded a degree of authority to his younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, with responsibility for relations with South Korea and the United States due to which she became Kim’s de facto second-in-command.

Who is Kim Jong-un Married to?

Kim Jong-un is a married man. Jong-un is married to Ri Sol-ju. Ri is the current First Lady of North Korea, she also has accompanied Kim Jong-un to public appearances for several weeks prior to the announcement. The couple got married in 2009 after Jong-un’s later father suffered a stroke in 2008. 


They are blessed with two children: a boy in 2010 and a daughter, Kim Ju-ae born in 2013. 

Besides, Kim previously suffered from hypertension and even had gained over 30kg in body fat over the previous 5 years. On April 20, 2020, it was reported that Kim Jung-un had not been seen in public for a week after he had his heart surgery earlier supposing him to be in grave danger by CNN. 

What is the Net Worth of Kim Jong-un?

The 37 years old Kim Jong-un is one of the richest people in the whole world and the most protected person in the world. As a dictator of North Korea, Jong-un has managed to rule his country with his own rules and regulations that no other country in the world has. Belonging to a family of the leader of North Kore, Jong-un has managed to be a billionaire with his whopping net worth of around $5 billion.  

His billion worth assets and bank accounts were found in more than 200 foreign bank accounts located throughout the world in countries including Austria, Lichtenstein, Russia, Singapore, China, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Kim is said to have 20 luxury palaces and mansions around North Korea for his personal use. 

Kim also owns a fleet of 100, mostly European, over 100 luxury cars, a private jet, and a 100-foot long yacht.

Kim Jong-un needs to use his money to ensure that he stays in power. That means buying military hardware and paying assassins to track down family members. As North Korea has been blacklisted and sanctioned nearly into oblivion, it has few trading partners. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely cut off. North Korea earns the bulk of its money through the sale of coal to neighboring China. Aside from that, however, the country deals with more illicit channels. Some of the ways in which North Korea pads its coffers are through weapons sales, drug manufacturing and sales, cyber-attacks, and even slavery or forced labor.

How Tall is Kim Jong-un?

Kim Jong-un has an average body physique. He stands tall with a height of 5ft. 7inch.(1.70m) while he has a large bodyweight of 130 kg(290 lbs). He has a fair complexion with black hair and brown eyes. His haircut is pretty popular in North Korea which even has the name “Ambitious”. In 2009, the reports surfaced that Kim was diabetic and also a patient of hypertension and in September and October 2014 he took a break from appearing in public as he was reported to be suffering from an ‘uncomfortable physical condition’ by the Korean media. Later in 2015, the media speculated that he had gained weight.

Regarding his health issues, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is reportedly in a state of coma and his sister Kim Yo-jong will be exercising de facto control over national and international matters. Several media reports on Monday (24th August 2020) said that the US is monitoring intelligence that suggests the North Korean leader is in grave danger after undergoing surgery. “I assess him (Kim Jong Un) to be in a coma, but his life has not ended,” he was quoted as saying by The Korea Herald. “A complete succession structure has not been formed, so Kim Yo-jong is being brought to the fore as the vacuum cannot be maintained for a prolonged period,” he added. “I just have to say to Kim Jong-un I wish him very good luck.. I mean, they came out with very, very serious medical reports. Nobody’s confirmed that. It’s was CNN that came out, so when CNN comes out with a report I don’t place too much credence in it,” Trump said.

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