Kim Kardashian is not on speaking terms with her ex-husband, Ye West after his candid sit down interview!

The ex-power couple of Hollywood, Kim Kardashian and Ye West have been making headlines ever since they split in February 2021. Kim and Ye both seems to have moved on in life but their cold war continues unabated. The latest on that front is that Kim is no more on speaking terms with Ye. She is extremely hurt after his candid interview and the daughter Chicago’s birthday drama. More on it below.

Kim Kardashian has ceased speaking to Ye

American socialite Kim Kardashian is not happy with what Ye talked in a recent interview about the problems he is facing with her. The couple divorced in February 2021. Ye also revealed on the show that he was not told where their daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday party was being held. He was upset that he was not invited for the party. All this public criticism of Kim did not go well with her. And now she is not on talking terms with him.

Ye West
Ye West and Kim (Source: Hollywood Life)

An insider said:

Sure, she would love not to have to deal with it, but this is the life she is in and just has to salvage it any way she can towards a positive outcome. It is a lot of work but that is the way she is going to deal with Kanye moving forward.”

Revealing the way they are co-parenting their 4 kids (North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm), another source said:

“Kim isn’t on speaking terms with Kanye at the moment. However, they’re constantly in communication via their nannies and bodyguards so that they can coordinate visits with the kids,”

More on how Kim wants to deal with Ye

Kim expects that Ye does not cross boundaries. He can come and see the kids. But she herself wants to do nothing with him. She is happy that he has found new love in Julia Fox. The source said:

All Kim wants to do is move forward with her own life and she wishes they could keep their relationship out of the public eye whenever possible. Kim is happy Kanye’s started dating Julia and she hopes he’s happy moving forward with his own life, too. She’s fine with Kanye living across the street but she needs him to understand that there’s boundaries which she’s not willing to let him cross.”

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian (Source: E Online)

The insider continued:

Kim finds all the Kanye and Julia hoopla slightly annoying and comical but hopes they stay together as it will be less for her to deal with. Taking him off her hands so to speak, or as much as she can given the fact they have the kids. She is not speaking to him. At least not at the moment. There’s just too much going on and she knows eventually she’s going to have to deal with him again for the sake of the kids obviously, but she wants to wait until all this media attention dies down with Julia.”

Ye and his interview

On 15 January 2022, Ye told in a video that his ex is playing games with him. He said that he was not invited for his daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday party. He did not know where it took place:

“Y’all, I’m just wishing my daughter a public happy birthday. I wasn’t allowed to know where her party was. It’s nothing legal. These are the kind of games being played. This is the kind of thing that has affected my health for the longest and I’m just not playing.”

Ye West
Ye West (Source: Wikipedia)

In a sit down interview he expressed his disappointment at Kim kissing Pete Davidson on the show SNL in front of him. Ye was also in the recording studio during the shooting for SNL. But after the kiss took place, he left the studio immediately.

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